Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, October 9, 2015

At Raby Castle grounds and garden at the festival!

They have a festival every year on the grounds at Raby Castle.  Enid only lives 5 miles from there.  I love that place.  We didn't go into the castle this time, but did get to walk around the huge gardens there.  But first the festival!

All different people there were local.  Here's one of the butchers with his selection.  On the right hand corner are Cornish hens!  Never had those!  Looked good.

These are the cheese makers.  Had samples out.  The lemon cheese was delious!  Enid did get some cheeses there. 

And the jams!  All kinds.  Never had goose berry jam....

And of course several craft tables.  Great knitting! 

Another baker!  She had capachino cakes!

She was selling premeasured mixes for cookies.  All you had to add was milk and eggs and you got 22 cookies!  The standard chocolate chip to some other flavors that sounded great...

Love the set ups for some of the booths!

He had pies, meat pies.  We don't usually have those over here...

Fresh veggies!  I mean fresh!

Pulled out of the garden this morning of the festival!

It was cold and overcast, so the ice cream truck wasn't doing too well.  Enid and I both got a cone.  And it was homemade ice cream!!!

Now into the gardens!  Sculptured hedges were something else

Same hedge, just farther back.  The gardens were separated by the hedges and brick walls.  Each garden had a "theme".  So you could see plants from different areas, and one had a lily pond, there were places to sit that had vines growing overhead.

From the garden, you could see the top of the castle.  The garden wall is about 30' high... and the castle is up on a hill.

There's a center of one lawn.

There is the other side of the first hedge.  I don't know the person there, but you can see how tall the  hedges are.

From another garden section, you can see more of the castle.  Each section of the castle took about 10 years to build.  So about each generation build another section.  People only lived to be about 30 back then.

Here is the gate that goes out of the garden on the castle side. 

A closer view of the castle. 

This building is for the grounds keeper and his family.  Not the gardener, there was a house closer to the gardens for him.

As we were leaving, I got this picture of the other side of the castle.  There used to be a wall around it that was over 30' high.  That was taken down some time ago. 

(a bit fuzzy picture)  We are in the car driving away and I got this one just before the tree came into the shot.  The pond there used to go all the way around the castle as the moat.  It was diverted to stop erosion around the castle.
I love the castle.  When I have gone through it, it just seems so familiar.  Or maybe I'm so in love with big stone buildings, that I want it to be familiar. 
I just want to go back and see more of it.  My parents ate dinner ( a very long time ago) at another castle, and the owner did take them to the dungeons!  I was so jealeous!!!
Ok, my spelling has been terrible in this post.  Can't help it!  I have been quilting a good part of the afternoon and my hands are really sore right now.  Time to sit and have a drink of cold water and something to munch on!
Keep cutting things up and sewing them together!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

More of the trip.

I love the art work that some people put into their homes.  This is a metal work on either side of their drive. 

Then in this antique shop, they have the sheet music on the stairs,

and a wall!  Very cool when you have it all done.

This is the glove box that I got at that antique shop.  It's painted with the dragon and the snake.  It made it home in my suitcase just fine.

The old pubs are changing in a way.  They have found that people just don't come down to have a few beers.  So they are now switching to serving more food, or becoming Bed and Breakfast places.  You have to change to stay in business.  I'm glad this old bar is still there!

Close to the shore, the old buildings can withstand the storms and winters!  I love the stone buildings.

This is a mosaic wall pieces....with a VW bus?  Didn't make sense to me having that in there with the town crier.

And another mosaic showing all the animals in the area with the train.

Now I love this tree!  It's outside of Enid's front window, just across the street.  It looks like something straight out of a Harry Potter book.

This is High Force.  A beautiful waterfall.  When it's been raining, there would be a second one on the right.

This was the path down to it on the right side.

The big old rocks almost look like there are faces in them!  I took lots of pictures of them!

This explains more about High Force.

This was the path on the left side to go up higher to look down on the falls.  (I see a quilt here!)

And here's a picture of it looking down! 
We do want to travel more than we have been.  I amazed at things out "there".  I need to go up into the Smoky Mnts more, just because I'm close to them. 
I have put together a quilt top, and working on handquilting the one in the frame.  Also fooling around trying to make a piece for a challenge....but I don't like the way it's coming out right now.  I do have an idea that I can do it differently though because I have tried it one way already.  So experiment and see what happens! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yves St. Lauren collection at the Bowes Museum

This is the Bowes Museum.  A beautiful old private home!  Not quite a castle, but pretty close to it! 

Here are some of the collection of Yves St. Lauren.  His stuff is gorgeous! 

It showed things over the life span and how he designed!

This is what he was setting up for a collection.  It has the fabric samples.  All numbered for a runway show.

He made hats! 

There was embroidery like you wouldn't believe!

Jewels in the pineapples!  All hand done.

This is how he drew out the patterns!

Another section.

And this is all BEADED and done with jewels!

This is a sample piece to see if it would work out.

He did patchwork too!!!!

Another drawing of designs!

This is a very old (medival) coat to show what was being done a very long time ago.  The buttons are super embroidered!

Flowers and all kinds of details.

This is one of St. Lauren's gorgeous dresses. 

More patchwork and applique! 

Then his "60's" designs.

Was starting to get more wild.

I loved this!  Simple and fun.

more with lots of embroidery!

All beaded and red jewels.

This one must have weighted a ton.

And a big red dress too....
Enid and I were drooling over the dresses and designs!  This display brought in more people into the Bowes than any other show.  I'm not surprised!  But it seems that the museum was. 
I'm trying to catch up with so many things around here.  First day with no rain, so I weeded beside the driveway for hours.  My hands hurt so badly, that no sewing today!  I did sit and quilt at the frame yesterday!  I didn't realize how much I have missed it during the vacation.  Need more smaller pieces to carry around with me! 
So if that Yves St. Lauren could do all those wonderful things, so can you!  Get in there and have some fun.  I work in a series once in a while to just try different things.  What if you change out some part, or add in something else.  You never know until you get in there and start to cut!