Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm Back!!! What a trip!

Terry and I went to Germany and England.  As I have been told many times, not to tell over the internet when you will be gone.  That's why the long delay in posting.  But I'm back now. 

There is the street market for the once a week selling time.  We were in Tuberingen.  I looked that spelling up on the may.  Love this city.  The art work on the buildings is amazing.  They don't just build a building.  It is a piece of art!

The cobblestone roads are the original roads, that are very narrow.  (Must be a couple of UT fans....)

Through every town and city is the streams or rivers.  There are flowers in baskets everywhere!  Just love that!

So you have the gentle sound of the water there.  And good drainage. 

Here's the oxymorons...Modern doors next to the older doors.  The older doors are shorter.  People have gotten taller every generation.  See the little person up on the wall.  Those are all over the place!

Great quilt designs everywhere!

Just love this building with the tree growing up the side.

Outside our hotel in Stuttgart, is this long set of stairs.  See the small set of stairs with the ramps on either side?  That's so someone can push a stroller or wheel chair up or down the stairs!  At the top of the stairs is a great Turkish Resturant that we ate at twice.

If you go down the stairs, you can cross that bridge into the huge park.  They are also doing construction to move the main railroad's a 15 year project.  The doorman didn't have too many nice things to say about that.

We had rented a car and drove to the lake and went to the zeplin museum... It was interesting.  Didn't know that they made so many and so many different designs.  It was also used in the 2 world wars.  This one is for the kids to play on!

Here is another water feature that attracts kids and adults to enjoy.

This was a great restaurant that we went to several times for breakfast.  And they eat hardy for that meal!!!  Everything was so fresh.  We got a bowl of fruit that had about 10 different fruits all just cut.

Here's 2 pictures of the cakes they had!

Put out fresh ones in the morning and some people just had cake and coffee for breakfast!

Just out side of that restaurant, there is part of an old castle.  It is a museum now.  Between the café and this building was a flea market with super antiques for sale.  I wished I had a second suitcase!!!

Big fountains in big parks!

And the leather shorts for the October fest!

This is an ad in a window for underwear.  I just loved that they had lace on the spool.

This was the restaurant in Baden-Baden.  A very "rich"  place!  We ate there and it was super!  Fresh yogart, soft boiled egg, wedge of watermelon, 2 thin slices of meats, and cheese, tomato, cumber slice, lettuce leave, and about 5 rolls!  Now all the pieces were on the small size, but you got a full plate with so many flavors!  I ate all but 2 rolls.

Another beautiful fountain in the middle of a open space in the streets. 
This city was going to have a Pop Festival the next day and was setting up for it.  So there were red carpets taped down on the stone walkways.  I had to strut up one of them!
I took about 560 pictures, so expect many days of those!  Right now I haven't done any sewing for about 4 weeks!  I have been trying to clear off the table of all the goodies I brought home!  So, I will end here for a chance to get to fabric!!!
Travel and enjoy now!  If you wait, you will only be older! 

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