Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

What inspires you?

I miss the beach.  Lived by the beach for one year in Hawaii and about 8 years in Florida.  Just loved the waves, sand, being tan and relaxed.  The beach is an inspiration to me.

Nature is great.  You don't have to look too far to find great things.  We have a turtle or two living around the house.  And plenty of weeds.  I did spend more time than I wanted to pulling those out!  Can't keep up with everything!

I know I have been quiet for a while.  And I will be busy again for more time.  Thursday bee was held over at Deb's house and Mellissa and I decorated her walker!  Different and fun to do.  Mellissa got a bike light, horn and cup holder.  Then I did some bling and bells.  It did make her laugh!

I love this saying!  I was a hippy for a while.  You don't loose that waits for you to get done with other things.  Don't want a van again though.  Having lots of fun driving the newest car.  Then I took the Turbo out and forgot it had a clutch!  Wouldn't start until I depressed it!  Only thing that works better depressed!

This is a wonderful thing to make and leave places for kids and adults to find.  Just make a little bunny out of fleece and put a tag on it.  Seems that more and more people could use some extra smiles!  (Don't leave it in  a store that sells things like this.  They may think someone is stealing it.)  Put it in the library, coffee shop, gas station, the gym.... be creative! 
I have sewn up the nighties that I cut out a while ago.  I made a small quilt all with cat fabrics.  Got a bunch of fabrics from someone downsizing...I guess I'm still upsizing!  Love fabrics and just don't want them to be thrown out.  Some thrift shops do that.  So be careful where you send it to a new home....
I really want to sew up that denim coat that I got last year about this time.  It's long and fits well.  Got it at an estate sale for $5.  Just needs lots of fabrics on it!  And maybe some other fun stuff!!!    What will you be making?  I would love to know!  Even though I think I have more time.... other things keep getting into the way.  Just trying to keep up!

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