Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

work, work, fun!

Ok, I do love to make clothing.  I'm cutting out some new long shirts/nighties for wearing to bed.  This is old t shirt knit!  It's much thicker than the stuff that is out now!

I basted 2 quilts the last couple of days.  This one is the turkey tracks quilt.  So I can get to work on that one soon.

This is the Dresden plates one that I marked and have started to quilt it.  It's so sweet!  I love it.  Can't see the quilting yet, but I'll put up pictures when there is enough to see.

Ah, and a second shirt/nightie.  Soft yellow in the thicker knit.  At least they will last!  The thin stuff they sell now is terrible!

And now!  I went and saw the new car today!  They are going to put the clear coat on the front to help prevent rock chipping.  Then we do the paperwork, and it's all ours/mine!  Love the "duck tail"!!!

Side mirrows have the black on the bottom to also protect from the chipping.

Inside!  Well what can you say? 

Only 22 miles on it so far, but I got to sit in it!

Sweet ride!  I told Terry he could be the test driver.  Maybe I had better say the first tank of gas or one day, which ever comes first!
You know, it's only money and you have so much fun driving in comfort!  When you come to this time in your life (empty nest and not quite old....)  go for it!  There has got to be things left to look forward to doing! 
Having said that, after looking at the car today, I was at a light waiting to turn left.  Got the green arrow and the van coming from the left side either didn't see the light, or he was going to just run the red light....and we barely missed each other.  I  had just started to pull out when I realized, he was not on the brakes!  So I gunned it!  If he was going to hit the truck, then I didn't want him to hit the driver's door.  Glad he had good brakes and the truck had good pickup!  I had an instant headache.  I had to go into a parking lot and walk it off.  Still took 2 excedrine and got a bottle of wine on the way home.  That goes with dinner tonight!
So everyone be careful out there!  Life is too short to get into an accident!!!!  Who would get all my fabric?  I have too many more quilts to make and a car I have yet to drive!!!
I have a friend who is going to have knees replaced.  The best thing to do when a friend is going through things is to go see them!  Bring lunch and chocolate!  Laugh and love your friends!  When it's your turn to have them over, they will bring good stuff too!  Don't ask what can I do?  DO THINGS.  Call, send cards, talk to them, knock on the door and go see them.  If they don't like what you brought over, she'll throw it out, but she'll still be happy you came! 

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