Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Eye Candy from the Norris quilt show!

Several quilts there were on display only.  This was Pat's from her presidency last year.  She asked everyone for a fat quarter of green.  Then we wrote our names on the petals.  It's a wonderful, restful quilt. 

this one took 25 years to complete!!!  It was gorgeous!  All hand pieced and appliqued, and hand quilted! 

Here's a close up of one block and the hand quilting.

Loretta had several in there for sale also.

I don't remember who made everyone.  But they were all great!

More for sale.

And this one was a quilt on both sides.

This is mine.  I had gotten the top in an antique store and hand quilted it.  Got a 2nd place on it.  All voting was viewers choice.

This got a first place!

Some interesting pieced ones. 

I think this got a 3rd place. 

Colors reminded me of the beach.

Here are the challenge pieces.  I did the dragons.  And it was the wrong size for the challenge.  Got to read all the directions.

They were nice enough to hang it up anyways!

I loved this one.  Just beautiful.

Nice modern design!

And a great log cabin!

Tea cups were an interesting way to use the doilies.


So well done!  Got first place in the wall category.

This horse got 3rd.

And mine got a 2nd place!

View of the show!

I love circle quilts!  Nice colors too.

More of the show.

And one from last year with the lights shining through the quilt.
This was on the 4th of July in Norris.  Next time I write, I'll put up pictures of the other things going on outside!  I just love going over there!  It rained on and off that day.  Been doing that most of the week.  Even a minute ago, it was pouring down, and now the sun is out and it's so humid!
Got my back adjusted today and tomorrow is a massage.  Got to do things that make the body feel good or else you can't function.  I'm also pulling out things that I know I have and getting things into quilts!  A panel that I got in Houston...3 or 4 years ago?  Now I'm ready to baste it.  Will just quilt around the design.  And when the table gets cleared off completely, I have 2 large quilts to baste.  The one that I just got in Sweetwater.  And another one that is Dresden Plates.  Bought a backing for that today. 
We are lucky in this area!  There are so many quilt shops!  Each has it's own "flavor" of fabrics.  So I went to the one that has the reproduction fabrics for the Dresden plates.  Mammaw's Thimble.  She's been open for years and keeps getting bigger and better! 
Keep your area stores busy!  They need your support or next thing you know, they will be gone!

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