Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

4th in Norris!

Norris is a great place on the 4th.  Here's some pictures of the activities!  Slip and Slide is busy with kids!

Tents set up with bake sales, boy scouts, and other groups.  I got the best zucchini bread!

People dressed in period costumes!

And another! 

All kinds of things!  Kids have decorated their bikes.

3 jumping things were busy!

Lions club did the BBQ lunch.  Library sells off books to get new ones.

You can pick a duck to win a watermelon.  This little guy almost fell into the pool while he was spinning the melons!

And here are the kids lines up for the start of the race!  They go by age groups.  They are so cute.  There's always one in every group that races right down, and the others are looking all over the place.
I grew up in Vermont, and this sort of thing went on with parades every holiday.  Always  the whole family had things to do. It was great.  I go over there every 4th!
Quilting is slow, and I'm getting ready to baste the next one or two quilts.  Always takes time to clear off the table!  And while it's clear, I try to get several things down before it gets piles of fabric on it again.
It's too hot out to do that darn gardening... so I'll be sewing!  Cars and Coffee will be down at the West Hills Mall at 8am to 10am tomorrow!  Go see fantastic cars and trucks! 

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