Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's the end of June already!

I have been appliquing the plates onto the top of this quilt.  The corner blocks are the ones that the great grandmother made and appliqued down.  I still have to put a pink border all the way around. 

They turned out cute in a circle pattern.!

This is the Hawaiian one that I have been dragging to Bee every week for a long time!  Then I thought there wasn't enough quilting in the background.  It's supposed to look like rain drops are there.  So I'm adding the 1/4" away from the first quilting lines there.   Just love doing the Hawaiian designs!  Did this one in another color combination.  The background was magenta with a pattern on it, and the leaves were bright lime green!  Wonderful to see the difference in color ways.  Totally differnent quilting patterns too.
So it's been a long week.  On the 4th, come to Norris TN to see the quilt show!  There is so much to do on the 4th over there!  Lots of activities for all the family. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Been a while!

Don't have pictures today!  Been busy with the house and went for a weekend at the track!  First, I have been staining the rails on the railing of the deck.  Can only work for an hour or two and I'm so hot!  The heat in East TN is awful this year!  I'm almost done.  Just have to do the rails on one side of the stairs.  And there is a bush there that I have to trim back first.

Second and most fun, we went to the Barber Track in Alabama!  I had the best weekend of driving that I have ever done!!!  The heat was terrible, but we have the cool shirts, that circulate cold water around you.  So in the car wasn't bad.  I had a great instructor the really helped me on the corners that I have never gotten around easily.  This time I was smooth on the track and picked up speed.  Now everyone asks "how fast do you go?"....well I'm busy driving and don't look at the gauges very often.  But when I did, I was always at least 74 to 95 mph.... I am probably a little slower on the corners, and a little faster at the end of the straights, but I'm busy and things are coming up quickly.  So I was laughing and having a great time.

In the sewing room, I have 2 1/2 plates left to applique onto the top fabric of the Dresden plate quilt.  The one in the frame is waiting patiently.  The one on the design wall has something else on it, but I seem to be stuck on this design.... needs more of will come. 

July 4th, in Norris, TN, is the quilt show from the guild there.  I'll be there most of the day!  Great group of women who do wonderful quilts.  It's view's choice for the ribbons, so come see and vote!  The rest of Norris is like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting!  The kids decorate their bikes and have races.  The library sells off books and things.  There are tents set up by the scouts, birds of prey, and other groups with baked goods.  The slip and slide is set up on a hill and all the kids and people can get wet there!  BBQ is put on by the Lions club and the women in town all bake pies that are for sale!  get there early for those!  They sell out fast!  I usually spend the whole day over there and have a great time!  They do fireworks in the evening. 

I will put pictures up the next time.  That is why I love going through other blogs.  Haven't even had time to do that!  Keep projects going!  Patty

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just keep swimming...

I'm more than half way through sewing on the plates.  Takes a while.  You just have to keep swimming!

I did make a tutu for the wooden doll that holds my thimbles!  Need more tutues around here!
I have done gardening, cleaning, been to the chiropractor, and have more appointments this week.  Doesn't seem to end or easy up. 
I did get to the used book store today!  Love that place!  Got several quilting books and the season 2 of Deep Space Nine!  That wasn't cheap, but I have been looking for it for a long time.  The quilting books have exercises to try to get your mojo going more.   Have some great ideas that I want to  have fun with.  So much to do and so little time to play with fabrics. 
Next week when Terry gets home, we will be moving cars around, getting them serviced and ready for the track.  So keep playing with fabrics and making things!  It doesn't matter if corners meet or it all hangs straight.  It's the journey that is the best part!  Enjoy the process!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Present, past and future

This is the one on the table!  Dresden Plates being sewn on to the top.  25 total...will take me a while!

Past project!  Put it into the small quilt sale, and it didn't sell!  It's for sale now!  $50 plus shipping in the USA.

Still been working on the guitar case.  Will have to up date the picture.  I got some fabric for the inside.  So will get that back out to work on.

Now what gets your imagination going?  I love to save pictures from the internet.  These houses are really pretty.

Humor is there too!

And then there are things about great friends!  Always Thursday bee comes to mind!  We laugh every week and let the stress out! 
Keep your friends close.  Call them if it's been a while.  A great friend of mine called me this week.  It was great!  We haven't spoken in years, and it was just as if it was a week ago.  So call, write, or go visit.  Meet at a fabric shop!  Go for coffee!  Friends are worth every minute!