Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

More of the show!

Here's my Flamingo with the 2nd place ribbon!  Judge liked the tutu!

This is all machine quilted.  Small piece and very well done.!

I got to see some of the vendors.  She has beautiful jewelry with quilt designs in them.  Go see!

Got this picture.  It's about as close a shot as I could get. 

The bead vendor has some cool stuff! I did get a book from her!  It's very different!  She's a local shop.

Her things are really nice.  She does have teachers come in and has classes.

Now this booth has stencils that are like silk screening.  I have a ton of the "old" style stencils... so I wasn't going to start to replace all those.  But it looked so cool how he does this.  That's what these next pictures are.

Stencil on the fabric. 

He uses the pouncer, but you rub it not pounce it.

And the power comes through.  The white powder just irons away, or goes away in the dryer.  I did get 2 marking pencils that mark on dark fabrics through the older stencils and then can iron off the markings.

Here's the back corner booth.  Fabric at very good prices!  Batik's at $9 a yard.... had to leave before I let myself go....

This is the border of the best of show bed quilt!  I really love it!

Here's the whole quilt.  Linda Roy does it again!!!

Here's mine!  I got an Honorable Mention.  Guess what...?  Around the corner was the third place was a t shirt quilt that was machine quilted.  Mine is all hand quilted.... The hostess pointed that out to me.  What was the judge thinking?  Should I get wigged out?
Nay.  I get to keep my quilt.  It took the first place at the show in Norris last year.  You just never know if she was judging this category right before lunch and just wanted to get done.  You can't get upset at the ribbons.  I make quilts for fun (ie..the blue flamingo!).   Just go with the flow, and hope karma kicks the right person!
Which reminds me...Thursday bee's next challenge is "curses".  Got a few more ideas!

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  1. Thanks very much for these pictures.Beautiful quilts.