Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Antique quilt top

I got this one quite a while ago.  I just love the design.  Never seen a 9 patch setting like this!  Plenty of room for quilting!  Tried to decide on quilting designs last night.  I think I have it.

The "9's"  look like they are in baskets!   It's in really super good shape.  I think it's from the 30's/40's from the color of the fabrics in it.

And just to update my picture, I got the red nose from Walgreens !  $1 each, for feeding hungry kids.  So I got a bunch and will give them out to everyone at bee tomorrow!  Go get a nose and put it on for kids!  Then you take a picture and put it on line and they will add more money to the funds.
Just a hoot!  You can never have enough red noses around!  This also shows my haircut... I was too level headed so I did this!

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