Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Quilt top done and other fun things.

The Scotty Dogs are put together!  Very cute! 

Close up!  Just got the top done.

Now around in my sewing room there are a few places with fun things.  This has some of my favorite things!!!

On Facebook, there are some easy ideas to make things, so I am putting a couple up here.  Just for fun!!!

I'm not into paper piecing, but I did save this one. 

I love this.  Need to put a few up around town!

Now I have 2 of these charts!  Copy them and use them for sizes that you will be making in quilts.  Helps when you are going to get fabrics!

They will help out.  I just use the size that the battings are, and you can't go over  queen size and still call it a queen quilt.  Had someone try to pull that one over on me.  If you have to get a king sized batting, then it's not a queen quilt. 
It's warming up and I have been pulling weeds.  Then it takes me 2 days to recover.  Yuck.  But the yard looks great and the gardens are looking better.  Mulching is next... yea....right....
Next week is a quilt meeting on Tuesday.  Then a talk down town about the clothing used in Dowton Abbey show on Wednesday.  Thursday is Bee.  I'll be so full of quilting and fun with my friends!  Good week!  I guess I can order the truck load of mulch and move some around... maybe not.
Fabric is my life! 
Life would be so much better if we all wore more tutus!

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