Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day started out ok...then...

Things started out really great.  Met up with a couple that was traveling through here and we had breakfast at First Watch.  Great food and wonderful conversation!  She is a quilter too!

Came home and was working on the spools.  I love wooden things, especially wooden spools!  So I write sayings on muslin and sew them onto strips of colorful fabric.  Sew on snaps or other closures and a little decoration.

And all of a sudden, Terry yells for me to come down stairs..... there was hot wire was the water heater!  Been having problems with it.  It would boil over some nights.  Other nights it was fine.  It's 14 years old, so it has lived longer than most do (average is 10 years.).  Great... turn off the electrical, shut off the water, start draining it, and off to Home Depot.  Called our handyman and he was here before we were!  They are changing it out now.

This is some of the little things that I sew onto the spools!

And here are some of the sayings!  I hope you can read them.  If not, let me know and I'll type out some of them. 
They are fun little things that I like to make.  Using the spools and not throwing them out is meaningful to me.  I may be a pack rat, but I only collect small items.!  Can you imagine how many spools have been thrown away!?  Trees were cut down to make these things.  I want to find more things that I can do with them.  Rewind stuff on them.  Legs on boxes...
The box the hot water heater came in is really big!  (80 gallon heater).  I love the movie Box Trolls... I could be heater!  Would love to make a castle part or a box troll outfit.  I know I still think like a kid, but the whole adult thingy just isn't me!
Isn't it funny how things break on holidays?  Or when people are coming?  The last time the water heater died was on a labor day weekend.  It was going to cost an arm, leg and liver to get it replaced.... so I told them I would just shut the water off at night until Tuesday, and pay the regular amount!  Just annoying, all these holidays.  Seriously, shouldn't they be for fun?  Too many things for sale in the stores.  We used to color eggs and think about bunnies.  Made Christmas presents at school.  Decorated for Halloween and Thanksgiving out of things that we made.  That was the major part of holidays for us.  Now it's just buy things, slap them up and put them away.  Only to loose the box before next year!  
Ok, I don't usually rant, but the "almost" fire and water leakage is messing with my head.  The heater is right under the newest part of the house! 
So back to sewing and spools!  Anyone have short, cute sayings that I can use?  I'd love to read them!

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