Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Been busy around here!

Got the top done and sent it off to the owner who will quilt it up.  Found the bag of buttons for the eyes!  Need to send that off.

Made 20 something spools with sayings.  Got plenty more to play with!

Got this one done.  Not entered in a show yet.

My friend, Mary was here for 5 days!  We go to thrift stores, antique places, and yard sales.  Found this really cute camera case!  But I will use it as a purse.  The flower and the other thingy are on Velcro, so I can make something else to go on there.

I also got this at Jerry's artorama.  I have always wanted the posable little person.  When I came back into the sewing room, I think it was Mary who put the thimbles on the hands!  So cute.  Made me giggle.

I am quilting up 2 more.  The one in the foreground is a small quilt to be sold at the show.  That's be back of it!  No peeking!  The other quilt is just for fun and for sale.  51" x 51".  Not finished quilting it yet.

This was on facebook.  I love the signs on there.  Just seems that we need this more than ever.  So everyone should make up this sign, or one similar, and put if up.... just wish that people would calm down.  Give out random hugs and smiles.  Buy more fun stuff and enjoy the world. 
Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild show is coming up in May!  I have 5 quilts entered.  It's in Maryville, TN at the college.  They have really good signs to find the gyms where it will be set up.  Free parking and $5 to get in.  Believe me, it's worth that to go see those quilts.  There are small quilts for sale, and a few other little things. 
See you there!

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