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Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another one done!

I have put on the binding and it's done!  Of course it needs the casing and a label.
Which leads me to the big discussion that quilters have when entering a show.  When is a quilt done?  When the binding is on?  The casing and label?  Or when it's entered into it's first show?  How about when you take a picture and show it for the first time? 
It makes a difference in some shows.  They want a quilt that has NEVER been seen before or shown on any media.  So you have to be secretive.  Not easy for me by any means... Some shows have a specific year or years when it had to have been finished.  Ok, so what if you "finished it" in December 2013 and they only want quilts from 2014/2015?  Close enough? 
I don't put the date on the back of my quilts anymore because they seem to be so strict (silly?) about the dates.  Some people wait to put on the label, then call it done.  I realize shows want the most current quilts for shows and not just have the same ones in the show circulation.  I also find myself not bringing quilts to show at meetings.  Just in case.... And I usually miss those deadlines for the shows that want things not seen before. 
Well this quilt is done and for sale.  It's 72" x 67".  Nice size for a throw on the couch or for a wall hanging.  It's machine pieced and hand quilted.    If you are interested, leave a comment.  I'm not quick about getting back to people because I'm usually quilting.    I am taking it to a quilt guild meeting Monday night. 
Keep cutting up fabric and trying new things!  I'm still Modge Podging the guitar case!  It's turning out really fun!  That will be my suitcase soon.  I'm enjoying the process of decorating it! 

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