Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Waiting and waiting!

Ok, usually fedex shows up at either 10am, or 2pm... and I haven't seen the truck yet.  There is a box coming that I have to be here to sign for it!  HE JUST SHOWED UP AT 3:25!!!  Of course since I was just writing about how miffed I am for having to wait all day!  Now I want to go get some fruit or something fresh for dinner!

Anyway, these are trading cards that I have made!  They look chocolate brown, but are black.  It's just the lighting here in my sewing room.  I was trying to work with black and textures.  The black fabric was great and then I embroidered and added things to it.

Found black beads and lace, ribbon and floss.

Also used keys from a computer board that was taken apart.  Just for fun!

I also finished quilting this wallhanging that has 6 dragons on it!  I love it!!!  I used floss and did the big stitch to add colors to it. 

You can see in the dark background, there is some stitching that shows well

And more at the bottom.

The pink color is stitching here.
Then I was appliqueing Scotty Dogs for another quilt.  I have plenty to do but was afraid of missing the FedEx... So I have laundry downstairs to take out of the dryer now, and figure out what's for dinner.  I really don't like messing with food.
Here's why... growing up in a ski lodge that my parents had in Vermont, we 3 kids always had to help.  We would wash all the dishes used every night that there were guests.  Then when they built the big place, Fox Run in Ludlow, VT,  I worked in the kitchen every weekend.  They would serve up to 150 people every seating which was about every 1 1/2 hour, Friday and Saturday night.  So when you have to dish up 150 appetizers, 150 salads, and 150 desserts, 3 times on 2 isn't fun.  It's a job, and a very sticky one.  I would also take over the short order cook's day off from the pool house, and cocktail waitress when I got old enough.  I was behind the buffet tables, either dishing up food, or filling in the dishes.  It was work, and I hated it.  But there was no quitting for me.  When I was finally going away to college, the other employees got me a suitcase and a card.  The card said, "You can't quit!  Slaves have to be sold!"  And that was pretty much how I felt.  If I was home, I was working.  I pretty much worked 7 days a week doing something with food. 
I love fabric.  It doesn't spoil if you have to leave it sitting there for a while.  Colors are wonderful to work with... or should I say, play with.  Designing comes easily for me.  Just start to cut out shapes and sew them together.  Why do so many people follow patterns so closely when you can do anything you want!? 
So get out those scissors and have a go at it!

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