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Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Closet and soap dishes...

Ok, not quilting, but these things have to get done or you can't quilt.  So the shelves went up a week ago.  Very nice.

Wooden shelf has been one of my favorites so that will hold shoes and things.

Now with my clothes in, it looks great and I have more room!

Fun clothes on one side!  I haven't seen some of these clothes for over 1 1/2 years!  They have been packed away for that long waiting to get things done!

Hats up high...I still have two large clear boxes of hats that I can't find in the house!!!  I have put them somewhere out of the way, and really can't find them.  They are the felt hats that I got in England!

Now soap dishes might not seem like a big deal, but it's driving me crazy.  Try to find one that goes with the bathroom, and doesnt' get too slimy from the soap!  This one goes with the colors of the room, but gets slimy very quickly and the soap would stick to the dish.

So I got this thingy to keep it out of the slim, but now it doesn't look very good...

So I found these beach chairs (actually salt and pepper shakers).  They would hold a bar of soap until it got worn down, and then it would slip out of the chair. 

So in Walmart clearance isle, there was this alligator dish with the little bird on the back.  It's working out very well so far!  Just is fun!   With me, I go for cute and fun every time.  Why not? 
I even got some playdoh to try to make a soap dish.  I want a wave that has a place where the slimy stuff could run down into the sink instead of building up.  See how I could have it on the edge of the sink and let the goop drain out.  So one day, I will get out the playdoh and have some fun! Got the colors of water to try and make it look like waves heading to the sink. 
I usually go into the sewing room first, so it might be a while! 
But fun will always happen around here!

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