Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another bad weather day

How many quilts can you have going at one time....?  Many, many, many!

2 scotty dogs are appliqued down.  And 8 to go.  Then piecing some blocks to go in between.
I love starting projects because then I won't forget what I wanted to do! 
Terry and I went out this morning and got things done just before 10am.  It was raining, sleeting, then the snow kicked in.  We were trying to get down to Mike's place to help him with some things.  But we were sliding all over the road!  Now we drive at the track, and this driving was scaring the crap out of me!!!  We saw a car spin around coming out of Solway up a hill and the car behind it hit it.  What  messy roads.  We kept going and Mike called and said to go home.  So we are here and things seem to be drying out and melting.  But the temp is going down, so the roads might just freeze up again.
This is Thursday!  And for the last 3 weeks the weather has been really bad on Thursdays!  I am missing the girls and the laughter!  I'm sewing like crazy and going crazy.  I really hate winter!
So get into your sewing room and start another project!  Play with colors and designs!  The more fun I have making something, the more I like it!  This year I want to get a webpage going.  Not organized yet, but it will happen. 

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