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Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A day helping our son....

Wednesday night at 12:30am, we get the call.  Mike first says that he is ok...but there was an accident.  A pickup truck came out of the parking lot of a store, running the stop sign and went all the way across 5 lanes.  Mike was in the 4th.  You think that someone would get into the middle and wait for you to pass by.  Mike was braking as hard as he could and hit the truck on the back wheel.  You can see the tire marks on his front fender.

The woman yelled at him "didn't you see me?"  The pickup spun and bumped the curb hard enough to give her a flat tire.  And she DROVE OFF!  Flat tire and all.  What this tells me is that either she didn't have insurance, had done this before, or didn't have a license, or had too many DUI's! 

So there he was on Western Avenue by the Kroger's.  He doesn't have a cell phone....

Airbag had gone off.  Front grill is in the passenger seat.

A police man did make a report and got Mike's car towed.  Then he took Mike home.  He was less than 5 minutes from his place!
So Thursday we were going to go help him and the rain/sleet/snow stopped that!  Friday we went and got him, went and emptied out his car, and picked up a rental car for him.  Now it's up to the insurance company to check out the car and figure out if it's totaled or fixable.  We'll see.  Usually when the airbag has gone off, it's toast.
So that was my week.  Not my usual happy fun days of sewing!  I'm worn out from worry.  I have got to say that the Ford Focus has a great safety record with us!
I have been working on a few trading cards.  And appliqued all the circles onto the blue fabric.  Never enough time to play with fabrics!  Tonight is dinner with the Porsche club, and dinner tomorrow night with Mike.  He did get accepted to grad school! 
Things will be great in the end!  If they are not great, then it's not the end! 
(Love that saying!)


  1. Oh my, I am glad to hear that he is ok.....the car can be fixed, or replaced if necessary.

    Could there be security cameras nearby that might have caught the accident?

    Have a better day,


  2. The woman in the truck cut in front of Mike, so she got the ticket! Mike is getting another car soon. He's doing fine, thanks for that comment!