Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

WPB quilt show! Thought you would like some Eye Candy!

I love bright colors and this one was done really well.

All kinds of designs there.

3d leaves made this one stand out.

Looks like a real photo! 

This is the close up of the shoes and glasses.  Very well done!  Shading is very hard to do on glasses.

Ok, lots and lots of yoyos! 

Plenty of bright Florida quilts...

This picture just doesn't show it well.

The cats were great!  It was actually a lot blacker than the picture showed.

This chicken is so cute! 

Several pictures, the camera just couldn't get all the stitches well.

Love this modern quilt.  So simple.

Here's the front shot of this. 

Here's the side shot!  3d little men show look like the ones on pincushions.

This one had several planes with pigs!


Great big quilt with a wonderful dragon.

This shows so much dimension!

I'm into circles!  They had 50 shades of grey challenge.  That was good!

A peacock with no color.

Art Deco got a big prize.

I love this one with the elephant having fun!


And that's my entry in the Quilter's Treasure Challenge.  Can't wait to find out who won the challenge ribbons.

Another black and white with red. 

this is Tone's challenge entry! 

This looked really cool.  Some pictures don't show the quilt off.

And the Hoffman challenge dolls.  See the spools of thread for arms and legs?  She got the Sulky award. 
Can't believe it's February already.  Got the furniture in for our bedroom.  So moving things upstairs took days.  I'm worn out.  Need another weekend to recoop.  We also had the water softener spring a leak...and that was Saturday morning.  Nothing like mopping up the water in the workshop first thing.  Not that big a deal, they are coming Monday to fix it.  And Terry's workshop is cleaner than it's been in quite a while! 
Plans for the year are getting busy...I was hoping for a slow down, but not so.  Terry wants to get several things done.  And I'm not going to worry about it.  One thing will be another trip to England and somewhere in Europe.  I can live with that!  The addition to the house of another garage bay... up to Terry!  What do I know about that?  I guess I'll get to learn. 
When moving clothing upstairs, you realize that you have bought things and not gotten rid of the older stuff.  So we each have a bag of clothing for the thrift shops.  Some t shirts I have cut off the design and the rest of the shirt is now rags.  I do plan on getting another t shirt quilt done!  I have a whole box waiting!  Nice how they don't get moldy like food if it waits.  T shirt quilts are so comfy. 
I went to an estate sale.  I love those!  This one had so many great antiques and craft things.  I got a very old box of dominos.  They go up to 12 spots on one side!  And it has an engine of a train on the backside.  Too cool to leave there.  I also got a wire basket of medium size spools.  Never seen that size before.  And one end looks like it was "geared" to turn at certain times.  Ok, I need to take a picture of those!  I have covered spools with fabrics before and wrote sayings on the fabric.  I tried to sell them in a shop, but ended up with most of them "disappearing".  I was mad!  So I am going to make more and put sayings or stories on them.  Just fun!.....
Keep playing with designs and make different stuff! 
FUN!  You deserve it!

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  1. You found an old set of Mexican Train dominoes. Fun game!