Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Solid ice outside.

Aside from the fact that it's one big ice patch outside, I love getting to stay in!  I get a "free" day to just quilt!!!  This picture is the instruction sheet to the rotary blade sharpener that my hubby gave me 2 Christmass ago.  It works really great!

And there it is.  I had to hunt for it in the sewing room!  I should spend some time sorting things out, but then I'll REALLY never find things!

So I have been working on these blocks!  Squaring them up after adding the 2 strips.

Here's the few from my sewing room window.  Everything has ice on it.  We had sleet all day yesterday, then it melted just a bit, and froze over last night.  15 degrees this morning.  I'm not going outside and you can't make me!

Here' the blocks!  I love using bright colors when it's grey outside!  I feel better!  I'm going to put the sashing and borders on today.  Then I measure out a backing and pick out the binding fabric and keep them all together.  I used to put that back on the shelf...but then I started cutting into those for other projects.  You have that "Opps" moment one too many times and you redo the way you keep things!

And this is out the back window to the deck!  See all the ice on the chair!  Not going out there either!

This is a better over all shot of the blocks.  The little piece to the right I put together from some of the strips still left over.  I'm tired of looking at those.  They are now in a bag.  Why is it that you can use up a bunch of the scraps, and the bags are still so full!!!  I do use the scraps with new fabrics.  Just love the mixtures of things. 
Snow and ice are terrible.  I'm not taking the chance to go out in it.  We live on the top of the ridge.  So even if I get to the bottom without sliding into anything else....I wouldn't be able to get back up here.   One car just went past and you can hear the crunch under the tires.  Might actually slow a few cars down around here! 
I-O, I-O, it's off to sew I go! 
What will you sew today! 

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  1. Patty we have been frozen in here near Jackson, TN since Sunday. We may get out Friday. I have been cleaning the sewing room and using my Mid-arm to try to finish a quilt in the frame. I have 2 quilts to finish the binding on so I am set. Hope you thaw soon.
    Sue McKelvy