Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sitting and a sewing

Got all the sashing and borders on.  Love the bright colors!  Pieced the backing.  Next time the table is clear (probably when the snow melts), I'll have a basting day, or two.

Starting on another.  Love to play with circles.  More bright colors for February. 

Added some green spirals in there and have some of the circles stitched down.  My dr's appointment was changed to Thursday because of more snow!  Yes we had 3" of powder!  Easy enough to push off the driveway.  Still more coming down and I have to pick up Terry at the airport tonight!  I was wishing for skies the other day to go down the road!  Haven't thought about actually skiing for years!

Came across a picture of Wonky Logs.  Can't remember if I put it in the quilt show last year.  I got really bad at keeping records last year while we remodeled.    I kept quilting, just not writing down what quilts went where...
I don't mind moving around appointments.  I just don't want to slide off a road or have someone slide into me.  My subdivision doesn't get much attention right away.  And we had a water main break the other day.  They got it repaired, but the pressure is low.  So I have a feeling they will have to go back and do more to it at a later, warmer, date.
Winter doesn't inspire me to make quilts.  Spring and summer are more what I look for.  I do save pictures from magazines and the internet to look at for inspirations.  I don't like to copy things cause then they aren't mine.  But if you like a color combination and then it works for some of your doodles, then it's great.  I have so many little pieces of papers with doodles.  Heaps of magazines, and a ton of books.  I was going through a bunch of them the last week.  Fun and exciting to see those again. 
So being snowed in isn't bad.  I'd rather be sitting on a hot beach soaking up the sun, but working with quilts can be just as warm!

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