Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Last corner on the one in the frame!  Then I can get it out of there and finish it!

Last night at guild meeting, the challenge quilts came in!  All so different.  We had to pick a song to inspire our selves.  This one got first place

detail shot!  HAND QUILTED!  Yea!  It is beautiful.  Magic Carpet Ride!

Black Birds singing in the dead of night.  It was much darker.  The flash lightened up the colors.

She thinks my tractor's sexy!  Some of the fabric has the John Deer Tractor on it.

Swan Lake!  It's mine and I got 3rd.

Over the rainbow!  Love the bright colors.

All done with selvages!

Tone's leaf! 

Home.  There is a bird in every window.  Very cute!

2nd place.  Very pretty.

detail shot....


96 tears...not raindrops keep falling.  This one is by Gloria Felter.

Elephant Walk.

Louise Regal did this beautiful scene.  My picture doesn't show it very well.

Singing in the Rain!

This is something that I saw on line and tried it.  You cover the cotton rope and make a necklace.  I got carried away and made it pretty big.  But I like covering the rope and doing different things with it!  I have added that stuff to a few quilts and I like the effect. 
I have been so busy getting things done.  Still have to get the tax paperwork done and to the accountant.  Yea, we have one now!  That's how crazy our life has gotten.  When you need outside help to stay ahead of things!  There are so many tax laws and thingies that it's just too complicated!  You have to get help with money things, lawn care, I need a maid soon!  I just want to keep sewing and all this stuff gets in my way!
I got far enough along on one yesterday while I was talking with my sister on facetime, that I can put the binding on that one and get it off the table!  The one in the frame should come out very very soon, and then the binding on that one!  Need to see different ones around here soon. 
I have to take my car down to the place today to get the 60,000 service done.  I get a loner car to drive around.  So I will come back to the house and then go to bee later.  Any time to spend on the taxes will be a relief later.  I know I'm always talking about taking time to do the fun stuff, but sometimes life keeps interrupting that! 
Finish up the important life things then relax in the fabric piles!!!

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