Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

More snow....

Yes, last night we got 3 to 5" of snow.  Yuck.

Terry is home and he's out shoveling the white stuff now.  At least it looks light and fluffy.

I don't know (remember) if I showed this or not.  It's the necklace that I made from covering the cotton rope.  I went a little big on this one.  So I want to make a smaller one with more color.  It was very easy to do and I had fun making the shapes.

Then I did some mod podge stuff in the last couple of weeks.  I did these things that come in your sneakers!  I used fabrics to cover them.  Now those will be the base of some strange creature that I will work on...
Been watching the Boxtrolls movie!  How wonderful!  It's Claymation, but with a lot more intricate things going on to move the things around.  At the end of the movie they show how they did some of it.  Then I watched the extras at the end.  The amount of pieces that they made to create this was amazing!  I really love things like this!  It's like watching big kids play with things!  They haven't lost their imagination!  Just great.  Then they showed who did the voices...I didn't guess any of them! 
Watching them do things like that is like making a series of quilting projects.  You try more of the "what ifs" and "maybes"  just for fun!  You can try that in smaller pieces.  Like 8 x 11" to try new techniques, or see if an idea would be fun to try in a bigger version.  Don't be afraid to cut into all that fabric you have!  You know you will get more... And with all the scraps, you can mod podge or make scrappy quilts!  Snowed in again...
Time to play some more!

Mmmm?  A duck with shoes?  Bottom legs of a chair?  Or a Steam Punk person?  I need to get more sneakers!

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