Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fun Day!!!

How do you start something new?  Pull out strips from the left over bags.

Iron a bunch down. 

Now start picking out colors.  I always seem to pick out brights in February!  I'm going to cut about 7" squares and sew strips into them.  Just cut across the square...not necessary to make the cut right across the middle!  Cut at an angle.  Sew in the strip.  Then cut across the square going the other way.  And sew in something else!  Fake it!  As long as you love the fabrics, it will turn out alright.  If it's not alright, then you aren't done!

And I have stacks of things trying to get several projects all going at once.

ATC's will come out of the small black piece...another quilt in a square frame waiting for me to come back to it.  And yes, there are 3 cans of playdoh!  I have an idea for something else to make!  I love to hibernate!  It was 10 degrees out this morning!  Yuck.  I'm not going anywhere!  It's sunny so I'm up and ready to get things done.

I found these "spools" in an estate sale.  I thought they were for threads.  But now I'm wondering if they were part of a machine.  There are  cogs on the end of each, and flat on the other end.   A couple are cracked in the long part as if from stress.  Does anyone have an idea what these were used for or part of? 

I am going to write sayings onto fabrics and wrap them onto the spools.

These is my next quilt in the frame.  It was a class sample from teaching "9 Patch Pizzazz".  Fun class and easy to do.  I have several samples that need to get quilted.  Starting with the biggest one first.

I bought this case about a year ago.  A friend of mine had one that she used for a suitcase!  I loved the idea!  So I'm Mod Podgeing it!  Great fun!  It's on the dining room table.  Not sure what I'm going to put on the other side.  Just doing my own thing!  You never see guitar cases decorated!

These are the cardboard thingys that came in my sneakers.  They got covered too!  Not sure what they will go with, but why not do something crazy! 

Terry sent me flowers!  I didn't have a great weeks.  Ever get called back after a mammogram?  Yea, it throws you for a loop.  But it was only a cyst, no worries!  He did this to make sure I felt better!  Super great hubby!
Now I have the little heater on in the sewing room.  If I keep ironing, then it gets very warm in here.  I'm kind of going from one project to another and just enjoying this day!  Supposed to snow later and get 2" to 8".  I may be in all day tomorrow!  Don't worry, I have bread and milk... big deal, right?
So take some time to play and have fun!  Don't forget to dance!  Turn up the music really loud!

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