Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

More snow....

Yes, last night we got 3 to 5" of snow.  Yuck.

Terry is home and he's out shoveling the white stuff now.  At least it looks light and fluffy.

I don't know (remember) if I showed this or not.  It's the necklace that I made from covering the cotton rope.  I went a little big on this one.  So I want to make a smaller one with more color.  It was very easy to do and I had fun making the shapes.

Then I did some mod podge stuff in the last couple of weeks.  I did these things that come in your sneakers!  I used fabrics to cover them.  Now those will be the base of some strange creature that I will work on...
Been watching the Boxtrolls movie!  How wonderful!  It's Claymation, but with a lot more intricate things going on to move the things around.  At the end of the movie they show how they did some of it.  Then I watched the extras at the end.  The amount of pieces that they made to create this was amazing!  I really love things like this!  It's like watching big kids play with things!  They haven't lost their imagination!  Just great.  Then they showed who did the voices...I didn't guess any of them! 
Watching them do things like that is like making a series of quilting projects.  You try more of the "what ifs" and "maybes"  just for fun!  You can try that in smaller pieces.  Like 8 x 11" to try new techniques, or see if an idea would be fun to try in a bigger version.  Don't be afraid to cut into all that fabric you have!  You know you will get more... And with all the scraps, you can mod podge or make scrappy quilts!  Snowed in again...
Time to play some more!

Mmmm?  A duck with shoes?  Bottom legs of a chair?  Or a Steam Punk person?  I need to get more sneakers!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sitting and a sewing

Got all the sashing and borders on.  Love the bright colors!  Pieced the backing.  Next time the table is clear (probably when the snow melts), I'll have a basting day, or two.

Starting on another.  Love to play with circles.  More bright colors for February. 

Added some green spirals in there and have some of the circles stitched down.  My dr's appointment was changed to Thursday because of more snow!  Yes we had 3" of powder!  Easy enough to push off the driveway.  Still more coming down and I have to pick up Terry at the airport tonight!  I was wishing for skies the other day to go down the road!  Haven't thought about actually skiing for years!

Came across a picture of Wonky Logs.  Can't remember if I put it in the quilt show last year.  I got really bad at keeping records last year while we remodeled.    I kept quilting, just not writing down what quilts went where...
I don't mind moving around appointments.  I just don't want to slide off a road or have someone slide into me.  My subdivision doesn't get much attention right away.  And we had a water main break the other day.  They got it repaired, but the pressure is low.  So I have a feeling they will have to go back and do more to it at a later, warmer, date.
Winter doesn't inspire me to make quilts.  Spring and summer are more what I look for.  I do save pictures from magazines and the internet to look at for inspirations.  I don't like to copy things cause then they aren't mine.  But if you like a color combination and then it works for some of your doodles, then it's great.  I have so many little pieces of papers with doodles.  Heaps of magazines, and a ton of books.  I was going through a bunch of them the last week.  Fun and exciting to see those again. 
So being snowed in isn't bad.  I'd rather be sitting on a hot beach soaking up the sun, but working with quilts can be just as warm!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Solid ice outside.

Aside from the fact that it's one big ice patch outside, I love getting to stay in!  I get a "free" day to just quilt!!!  This picture is the instruction sheet to the rotary blade sharpener that my hubby gave me 2 Christmass ago.  It works really great!

And there it is.  I had to hunt for it in the sewing room!  I should spend some time sorting things out, but then I'll REALLY never find things!

So I have been working on these blocks!  Squaring them up after adding the 2 strips.

Here's the few from my sewing room window.  Everything has ice on it.  We had sleet all day yesterday, then it melted just a bit, and froze over last night.  15 degrees this morning.  I'm not going outside and you can't make me!

Here' the blocks!  I love using bright colors when it's grey outside!  I feel better!  I'm going to put the sashing and borders on today.  Then I measure out a backing and pick out the binding fabric and keep them all together.  I used to put that back on the shelf...but then I started cutting into those for other projects.  You have that "Opps" moment one too many times and you redo the way you keep things!

And this is out the back window to the deck!  See all the ice on the chair!  Not going out there either!

This is a better over all shot of the blocks.  The little piece to the right I put together from some of the strips still left over.  I'm tired of looking at those.  They are now in a bag.  Why is it that you can use up a bunch of the scraps, and the bags are still so full!!!  I do use the scraps with new fabrics.  Just love the mixtures of things. 
Snow and ice are terrible.  I'm not taking the chance to go out in it.  We live on the top of the ridge.  So even if I get to the bottom without sliding into anything else....I wouldn't be able to get back up here.   One car just went past and you can hear the crunch under the tires.  Might actually slow a few cars down around here! 
I-O, I-O, it's off to sew I go! 
What will you sew today! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fun Day!!!

How do you start something new?  Pull out strips from the left over bags.

Iron a bunch down. 

Now start picking out colors.  I always seem to pick out brights in February!  I'm going to cut about 7" squares and sew strips into them.  Just cut across the square...not necessary to make the cut right across the middle!  Cut at an angle.  Sew in the strip.  Then cut across the square going the other way.  And sew in something else!  Fake it!  As long as you love the fabrics, it will turn out alright.  If it's not alright, then you aren't done!

And I have stacks of things trying to get several projects all going at once.

ATC's will come out of the small black piece...another quilt in a square frame waiting for me to come back to it.  And yes, there are 3 cans of playdoh!  I have an idea for something else to make!  I love to hibernate!  It was 10 degrees out this morning!  Yuck.  I'm not going anywhere!  It's sunny so I'm up and ready to get things done.

I found these "spools" in an estate sale.  I thought they were for threads.  But now I'm wondering if they were part of a machine.  There are  cogs on the end of each, and flat on the other end.   A couple are cracked in the long part as if from stress.  Does anyone have an idea what these were used for or part of? 

I am going to write sayings onto fabrics and wrap them onto the spools.

These is my next quilt in the frame.  It was a class sample from teaching "9 Patch Pizzazz".  Fun class and easy to do.  I have several samples that need to get quilted.  Starting with the biggest one first.

I bought this case about a year ago.  A friend of mine had one that she used for a suitcase!  I loved the idea!  So I'm Mod Podgeing it!  Great fun!  It's on the dining room table.  Not sure what I'm going to put on the other side.  Just doing my own thing!  You never see guitar cases decorated!

These are the cardboard thingys that came in my sneakers.  They got covered too!  Not sure what they will go with, but why not do something crazy! 

Terry sent me flowers!  I didn't have a great weeks.  Ever get called back after a mammogram?  Yea, it throws you for a loop.  But it was only a cyst, no worries!  He did this to make sure I felt better!  Super great hubby!
Now I have the little heater on in the sewing room.  If I keep ironing, then it gets very warm in here.  I'm kind of going from one project to another and just enjoying this day!  Supposed to snow later and get 2" to 8".  I may be in all day tomorrow!  Don't worry, I have bread and milk... big deal, right?
So take some time to play and have fun!  Don't forget to dance!  Turn up the music really loud!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Just a few more....

Ok, I have this one done.  Actually quilted all the circles in the background and thought it wasn't interesting enough.

So I appliqued the little yellow and orange circles onto it in a wavy pattern.  Can't come up with a name for it yet.  I like things with a double meaning or something odd.  Any ideas?

then off the free table at the last meeting was this interesting fabric.  One hexagram was made...I put together the other one, Then made it into a small quilt.  I'll hand quilt it and put it into the small quilt sale for our quilt show in Smoky Mtn Guild.  that will be in the end of May.
Terry left today for work.  Takes me a day or two to come out of a slump when he goes.  I'm almost done on the quilt for Marian!  Got to trim the edges and put the binding on!  Then it's time to pull out some fun stuff to just play around! 
Mamogram tomorrow...ouch.  But you need to have it done.  Had a couple of friends go through breast cancer and they are wonderfully alive!  Get your yearly tests done!  NOW!  Health is so important.  Then treat yourself to a couple extra yards of fabric for being good!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Last corner on the one in the frame!  Then I can get it out of there and finish it!

Last night at guild meeting, the challenge quilts came in!  All so different.  We had to pick a song to inspire our selves.  This one got first place

detail shot!  HAND QUILTED!  Yea!  It is beautiful.  Magic Carpet Ride!

Black Birds singing in the dead of night.  It was much darker.  The flash lightened up the colors.

She thinks my tractor's sexy!  Some of the fabric has the John Deer Tractor on it.

Swan Lake!  It's mine and I got 3rd.

Over the rainbow!  Love the bright colors.

All done with selvages!

Tone's leaf! 

Home.  There is a bird in every window.  Very cute!

2nd place.  Very pretty.

detail shot....


96 tears...not raindrops keep falling.  This one is by Gloria Felter.

Elephant Walk.

Louise Regal did this beautiful scene.  My picture doesn't show it very well.

Singing in the Rain!

This is something that I saw on line and tried it.  You cover the cotton rope and make a necklace.  I got carried away and made it pretty big.  But I like covering the rope and doing different things with it!  I have added that stuff to a few quilts and I like the effect. 
I have been so busy getting things done.  Still have to get the tax paperwork done and to the accountant.  Yea, we have one now!  That's how crazy our life has gotten.  When you need outside help to stay ahead of things!  There are so many tax laws and thingies that it's just too complicated!  You have to get help with money things, lawn care, I need a maid soon!  I just want to keep sewing and all this stuff gets in my way!
I got far enough along on one yesterday while I was talking with my sister on facetime, that I can put the binding on that one and get it off the table!  The one in the frame should come out very very soon, and then the binding on that one!  Need to see different ones around here soon. 
I have to take my car down to the place today to get the 60,000 service done.  I get a loner car to drive around.  So I will come back to the house and then go to bee later.  Any time to spend on the taxes will be a relief later.  I know I'm always talking about taking time to do the fun stuff, but sometimes life keeps interrupting that! 
Finish up the important life things then relax in the fabric piles!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

WPB quilt show! Thought you would like some Eye Candy!

I love bright colors and this one was done really well.

All kinds of designs there.

3d leaves made this one stand out.

Looks like a real photo! 

This is the close up of the shoes and glasses.  Very well done!  Shading is very hard to do on glasses.

Ok, lots and lots of yoyos! 

Plenty of bright Florida quilts...

This picture just doesn't show it well.

The cats were great!  It was actually a lot blacker than the picture showed.

This chicken is so cute! 

Several pictures, the camera just couldn't get all the stitches well.

Love this modern quilt.  So simple.

Here's the front shot of this. 

Here's the side shot!  3d little men show look like the ones on pincushions.

This one had several planes with pigs!


Great big quilt with a wonderful dragon.

This shows so much dimension!

I'm into circles!  They had 50 shades of grey challenge.  That was good!

A peacock with no color.

Art Deco got a big prize.

I love this one with the elephant having fun!


And that's my entry in the Quilter's Treasure Challenge.  Can't wait to find out who won the challenge ribbons.

Another black and white with red. 

this is Tone's challenge entry! 

This looked really cool.  Some pictures don't show the quilt off.

And the Hoffman challenge dolls.  See the spools of thread for arms and legs?  She got the Sulky award. 
Can't believe it's February already.  Got the furniture in for our bedroom.  So moving things upstairs took days.  I'm worn out.  Need another weekend to recoop.  We also had the water softener spring a leak...and that was Saturday morning.  Nothing like mopping up the water in the workshop first thing.  Not that big a deal, they are coming Monday to fix it.  And Terry's workshop is cleaner than it's been in quite a while! 
Plans for the year are getting busy...I was hoping for a slow down, but not so.  Terry wants to get several things done.  And I'm not going to worry about it.  One thing will be another trip to England and somewhere in Europe.  I can live with that!  The addition to the house of another garage bay... up to Terry!  What do I know about that?  I guess I'll get to learn. 
When moving clothing upstairs, you realize that you have bought things and not gotten rid of the older stuff.  So we each have a bag of clothing for the thrift shops.  Some t shirts I have cut off the design and the rest of the shirt is now rags.  I do plan on getting another t shirt quilt done!  I have a whole box waiting!  Nice how they don't get moldy like food if it waits.  T shirt quilts are so comfy. 
I went to an estate sale.  I love those!  This one had so many great antiques and craft things.  I got a very old box of dominos.  They go up to 12 spots on one side!  And it has an engine of a train on the backside.  Too cool to leave there.  I also got a wire basket of medium size spools.  Never seen that size before.  And one end looks like it was "geared" to turn at certain times.  Ok, I need to take a picture of those!  I have covered spools with fabrics before and wrote sayings on the fabric.  I tried to sell them in a shop, but ended up with most of them "disappearing".  I was mad!  So I am going to make more and put sayings or stories on them.  Just fun!.....
Keep playing with designs and make different stuff! 
FUN!  You deserve it!