Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wow!  I got back from Florida about a week ago.  Went trough the mail, paid bills, did laundry, cleaned the house, got food, and started quilting again!  Saw Candace there and we went to the quilt show in WPB.  I loved the quilts from other countries and a challenge group "50 shades of gray".  Got to say that I was a little let down at this show.  There wer about 10 vendors who were selling things that had nothing to do with sewing.  Now that's ok, but I would rather have seen more quilt shops there or embellishments.  I have gone to this show for the last 4 years.   But it might be time to go to a different show.

Around the house, why do things all have to stop working about the same time?  Microwave smells like hot electrical problems when we have been using it.  So that is unplugged waiting for the guy to come on Saturday.  The Dish DVD player is messing up.  AT&T came and checked the phone line, and the problem is in the wiring in the we just finished the remodel and had more insulation blown into the attic space.  So who wants to mess all that up.  I guess I had needed that vacation!

So I have stopped taking in quilts for customers.  I am finishing up the last one.  Now I can pull out all the quilt tops I have and get to work!  I also have tons of ideas on what I want to design and play with.  (Excitement is building!). I can't believe how quickly January is going by.  Terry is home for 3 weeks, which is great!  Plenty to do around here!  Hopefully the bedroom furniture will show up soon.  It's made in Vermont, and they have had really bad shipping will take a while.  We have been sleeping in the basement for a year now.  I'm very used to that.  I can load up the washer and set it in delay start.  It's done when I get up, put it into the dyer and heat up the bathroom in the morning.  Sweet!  Makes me feel like I have a good start on the day.

Tomorrow is Thursday Bee!!!  Didn't meet during the holidays, and I was gone for two more weeks.  Feels like I have been off the planet!  Need to see my Bee Buddies and catch up on things.  So keep quilting!  Only 54 more days to spring!   Patty

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