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Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Candace's box and book!

I went and visited with Candace down in Florida.  Had a blast!  So I'm showing you some things that she has made!  This is a box that she painted and melted crayons onto it and added other game pieces!  It's wonderful!  She's so creative!

She's in a group of 8 women called the Over the Edge.  The challenge each other every 6 weeks to make things.  Also have a work day and then 2 weeks later they have to make something from that work day.  This book is one of the challenges!

Had to have one main color and make a book.

I took pictures of every page!  It's a fabric book, and I think there was some paper in there to add to the creativity!

I love it!

Not every challenge is a book.  Each person makes the guide lines. 

Candace and I did get to the show in West Palm Beach, and there was my quilt for the Quilter's Treasure Challenge.  They haven't been judged yet.  You had to create something about your favorite holiday.  Mine is the first day of spring.  Not officially a holiday, but it should be!
While I was there, the OTE group had a work day.  They did discharge dying.  You do things with Clorox on paper and fabric.  Very interesting what colors are under the black fabrics and other papers.  And yes I have a line up of things I want to do...that is now on the list. 
So pick a day on the calendar and make it a play date for YOU!  Got plenty of ideas.  Get stuff lined up to work on and go for it!  You have to make it happen.  Invite people over to work if you want.  That group has rules...get there by 8:45, work starts at 9am.  Stop for lunch and finish up after that.  At their meetings, no talking about health, politics, religion, cats, family, or the guild.  That keeps them on the subject of quilting! 
At Bee this week, which I have missed 4 Thursdays!, we were laughing so hard!  It was great to be back.  In all that laughing we came up with another challenge to work on.  Curses!  Sounds simple enough, but think of all the kinds of curses that there are...  witches do curses.  You could do a voodoo doll.  Swearing.  and my favorite...karma.  So we are starting up a curses challenge and it is due the last Thursday in October! 
Keep sewing and creating!

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