Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

UT or what?

Ah yes!  The waterproofing is up in the bathroom!

And on the floor!!!

And now some tile!!!  I'm excited!  this is looking like a real bathroom!!!

I'm getting the binding on the Sunbonnet Sues!  She'll be going home soon!!!

Next to get quilted.  Then another Hawaiian one.  Then 2 more and I'm done with customers' quilts! 
I have gone through my fabrics and believe it or not, I'm actually getting rid of fabrics that I bought in the 1970's!  Lots of little calicos.  I don't think I'll be repairing anymore quilts, and that's what I was saving most of those for.  So bags of that will go to different guilds to let someone else love them for a while!
Plan to be surprised in you life!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What day is it!?

This one is ready to go into the frame.

This one is almost done.  I'm on the last Sue.  Then I have to quilt the outer border.
I actually weeded one of the gardens on Sunday and it took 3 sloppy at the end and scared a turtle out of there.  But it looks better now that my back has stopped hurting.  Looked over at another garden bed and there are vines and poison ivy!  Yuck.  That one is next.  At least the weather is cooler.  I just don't get as much time in the sewing room.  Can't work too fast when your back hurts.
I can feel a short, quick project or two coming on... table is almost clear after I mark and baste this next quilt.  I have cleared out a lot of fabric from the early 70's to give away.... If I'm not going to be taking in quilts to work on for others and won't be repairing older quilts, then it's time to get rid of that stuff.  Not that I don't like it and I do use it, but I have more than the shelves will hold...
I never thought I would get rid of any fabrics! 
Plan to be surprised!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Look! It's almost a bathroom!!!

Things are coming together!  Tuesday the guy is coming to measure for glass doors on the shower!   

Terry did a beautiful job making the cabinets!  We are getting a piece of marble for the top.

My design for the floor!  Like the wave is lapping in.

Here's one of the lights up.  They were supposed to come with the bulbs...not there.  So another trip to the store in Knoxville to get the lights bulbs for both lights.

There's the big light on the ceiling.  The electrician got 5 blubs for that.  2 didn't work and the 3 was in the wrong box.... so he should be getting those.

Master bedroom closet with a pocket door.  This one is mine.

And this is the last room to even get started.

We did find a tile guy who can set in the linear drain.  And now we have reset the floor 3 times.  So in 8 days, he should be here to get it started.  And it will cost about 3 times as much with this independent worker.  Sometimes things just don't go the right way.

Meanwhile with all the rain we have had the last few days, the lawn didn't get mowed, and I haven't weeded much in weeks.  Maybe that's why the turtle likes living in the back garden.

I have been working a little bit this weekend on the quilt from the class I taught over 2 years ago!  Ugh.  Just seems to take a long time to get my things done.  Thank God I don't cook!

And I have made a bag, or the start of one, for the woman who's quilt is under the bag!  She doesn't know yet! 
It's been a long day and I have one of the weather starting headaches.  So it's hard to focus my eyes and my mind on things for very long.  Monday, Terry goes back to work and he's not happy.  Just was too much to do and not enough time to enjoy things.  But this won't last.  I just have to keep swimming.... "just keep swimming..."  or just keep sewing !
I don't have it bad, and sorry to gripe.  A wonderful friend of mine is going through cancer treatments and another has finished that.  I'm frustrated and inconvenced , but I'm going to live through this and we will have a beautiful home. 
So Tuesday the guy comes to measure for the glass shower doors in my bathroom.  And then the counter top guys will do the same.  Just keep sewing....
Monday night is the guild meeting in Oak Ridge and I'm going to show them ATC's!  That should be fun.  Then Wednesday  lunchtime, is the Christmas in July meeting in Norris!  I have to make an appetizer, and I can do that!  So with the help of my friends, I'll be alright!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Just keep swimming....just keep swimming...."

That's Dory in "Nemo".  That's how I feel right now.  That is my shower!  In the long empty places will be niches...and they have many shelves for all the stuff you need in a shower!  I have been sealing the grout today.  Tomorrow will get another coat. 

There's some of the floor with it.  The floor has more green tint to it.  Just the camera isn't picking up the true colors.

And the plumbing needs to go in.  Now the other bathroom, has had the floor redone yet again.  That makes 3 times.  Don't ask, it doesn't make much sense to me either right now.  The first tillers don't want to do the shower area the way Terry wants it.  So we have found another guy and company to work with.  This, after setting it all up in February!!!  (Put swearing in here.) 
Terry has been doing all the painting.  We picked out the colors to make the carpets, which we were going to get from the first we are not.  (nice, and politely put without 4 letter words.)
I really thought we would be done by the middle of June....what happened to the first part of; the year? 

Well, I was putting this together!  I love it.  I'm basting it now.  So it's going into the frame soon.

All reproduction fabrics that just make it sparkle.  I'm also working on a couple of challenges!  I have to do some small things once in a while just to see something get done!
We are still sleeping in the basement, which is cooler than upstairs.   That's good.  I try to think of the good parts even if I feel like screaming at someone.  Doesn't do any good and you just look silly when you are done.  I'm finding that money talks a lot louder.  So we are not going to use that company again.  I'm feeling better already! 
Should be cooler here the next couple of days.  I know the gardens need weeding badly.  Why do weeds grow so well.  I should plant them, then maybe they would all die off and my good plants would do better.  I always thought, "well, they are green and growing."  But they over grow and kill off prettier plants. 
It will all be great in the end.  If it's not great, then it's not the end.
But could it come alittle faster, please!

Friday, July 11, 2014

My tile is pictures today.  Just been busy!  Terry's bathroom is torn out (again)!  This company that we went to has something going on that we can't figure out.  They don't want to put in a linear drain.  Doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but they have refused in so many different ways, it's unreal.  Leaving us with a torn out bathroom and nothing going on towards getting it done.  SO, Terry got me some phone numbers and  I started calling people.  Got 2 suggestions, and they both showed up.  first one stayed and is working up an estimate for us and will give it to us on Monday!  Yea!  Seems like progress now. 

It's nice when people are up front with you, even if they say they can't do something.  BUT they could have called or given us names to call for help instead of leaving us standing there in a mess.  So they aren't going to get any more business from us.  What else are we supposed to do?

Other than the never ending story of the remodel, I have still been quilting!  Working on a challenge piece that is just plain CUTE!  gets me every time.  I'm tired and my eyes are not focusing very well...

It's our 33rd anniversary today.  And we both kind of forgot!  Not a big deal.  We always celebrate some time during the year!  The fact that we have been together this long means we don't let the little things get in between US!  It's us against the world and all the craziness out there.   Just more outside of our world that is nuts.  We can do nuts all by ourselves!!! 

He's down in the workshop making noise with all his tools.  I'm up here in my sewing room with my comfy fabrics.  It's a sweet thing when we meet in the middle!  I think I will go have a glass of wine now and come up with more designs in my head.....


Thursday, July 10, 2014

The tile is on the floor!

The picture doesn't get the color quite right.  It's more green than gray.  But I love the layout of the tiles.  The cabinets will go over to the left of the picture.  The open hole is the ac/heat vent.

Now I'm standing where the cabinets will be.  They are coming back today to do the shower area and grout the floor.

Here's works in progress and forms to file in for quilt shows.....

The other half of the room is just as busy (not messy, but busy!).

This is in the frame.  Almost done all the way through the middle of the quilt.  Got a row on each side to quilt.  You can see the back and the quilting that I have done already.
Plenty more waiting to get done.  I'm missing Bee today so I can tell the tillers where to put up the tiles. 
Terry's bathroom floor has to be torn up and redone.  Just wasn't good enough to set the tiles!  Ugh.  Not happy about that.  But better to do it now than in 6 months to a year.  Starting to make a check list on things to get done.... Yea!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July!

This is the Hawaiian one all done, ready to ship!  Yea!  Got it done by the 4th.

Over in Norris, TN  was the quilt show!  Love these quilts!

Sally was showing how to make her cards!  Very clever.  She makes all her own Christmas cards and other holiday cards!

Here's Sally!

Wonky Logs was there.

Love these snowman!!!

Very well done machine embroidery.

The detail in this one was really great!

My Imaginary a lot of comments.

I absolutely love this Hawaiian one!

And here are the kids lining up for the bike races!  They all decorate their bikes.  Norris is a great place for the 4th!!!

Had the dunking booth...that's the principle of the middle school!  You bet the young boys were all trying to get him in the water!

I got 2 blue ribbons!!!  One for Wonky Logs and the other for my blue and white one.  Nice surprise!  It's viewers choice, so you never know.
I had my BBQ lunch put on by the Lions Club.  Got homemade dessert made by one of the women in Norris.  Got a few books at the library sale.  Laughed a lot at the kids going down the slip and slide.  Just a great day for watching all the fun.  Sunny but not too hot!  Got home and had a glass of wine and was in bed by 9:30!  What can I say...worn out and really happy.
So I'm giving myself permission to work on what ever I want this weekend.  Just need to play and cut up fabrics that I have.  And I have a LOT.  You should do the same....permission to play has been granted!  Have a good time doing whatever you love!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another one done!

This is a beautiful Hawaiian quilt that I just finished hand quilting for a customer and good friend!  I love it!  Used a gold/green thread.  Almost the whole spool of 500 yards. 

Quilted around the pattern in the 3 sided border.  Looks really cool!

She put in bamboo batting, which was very easy to quilt through and lies very flat when done.
Last night was SMQ's meeting.  Yardsale and ice cream... you can't beat that!  Do I need more fabric?  Nope.  Did I get more fabric?  Yup.  I even got a piece of fabric that I had made a dress when I was in Jr. High School!  Wow!  I still love it!  Bright, swirling colors!!!
July 4th is Norris Quilt show!  Y'all come and see wonderful quilts in Norris, TN.  The whole town gets into the 4th celebration.  They close part of the center of town.  Kids decorate their bikes, then they race them in different age groups.  Under tents are the boy scouts, bake sale, library sells books, the lion's club has the bbq lunch, and local women bake pies and sell them!  I always come home with a pie! 
I'll be helping with setting up the show and be there for most of the show.  If you want to "step into a Norman Rockwell painting", come to Norris for the day!  They also set up the slip and slide on the little hill side for the kids to go down!
Got to go get things done this morning so I can quilt the rest  of the day!!!