Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Seems like you finish a lot all of a sudden....

Here's my fun birds!  Love just doing things that make you smile! 

This was a 6 block pack that I got at one of the guild's yard sales...and I made a long table runner out of the blocks.  No batting in this one so things don't tip over on the tables.

last two blocks not seen in the picture.

This is the Hawaiian flag quilt that is out of the frame and I'm quilting out to the edges.  Just love this one!!!

Put this one in the frame and will get to it very soon!!!  Star in the middle and wide borders in Yellow!  Very cool older quilt that was saved from never getting done. 

And 2 president blocks for 2 different guilds!  The deserve at least a block after a whole year of herding cats.... you'll get that in a second....
Still no bedroom furniture yet.  And a guy is coming up Monday to put in the last light in the bedroom.  Been having a lot of trouble with this light!  Still need shelving up in the closet.  Not that we have forgotten about this, but all of a sudden, it's holiday time!  I'm not ready for all of that!!!  Had to hurry up to mail a box to England to fun little relatives!  Didn't do the turkey thing, but we went away for that weekend.  Went driving at the track near Atlanta.  Great time!   Love driving.  We have another car for the track and I wasnt' used to the car yet.  So I did spin off the track at corner one.  Stopped the session so they could pull me out of the gravel.  Very interesting spinning out!  At least I didn't hit the 2 walls close by or damage the car.  It did take 2 hours to get all the gravel out from underneath it!  It was every where!!! 
Then we went to look at the professional photographer's pictures...and she had been behind the second great shots of the gravel spraying up like a wave.  We ordered the CD.  What the hell.  Got to have proof of the fun!  I got really good at the end of the 2 days.  This car doesn't have as much horse power as our other car.  But in the curvy sections, I was leaving guys in the dust!  Making a gap!  YEA!  Too much fun!  There were only 2 women out there.  So we have to show off a little bit!
Now back to "reality"...which we will be rewriting the diffinition of that.  Got to get back to my favorite thing...quilting!  and some Christmas shopping.  I usually have everything for Christmas done by now, but things just aren't ready here! 
So what? 
Life is good.  I don't hear from some people all year and I want to send them a card, or call them.  Postage is getting so bad, and shipping is worse.  Most people have all they need and more, so just letting them know you care and think about them is the best thing you can do.
I will try to down load a picture or two of the car.  We really did have fun.  Next year's schedule can't start soon enough for driving events! 
Get ready, get set, CHRISTMAS CHEER! 
Have a good one!

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