Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Was delivered today...

Yes, we have a new "toy".  Its a track car with a roll bar set up and the proper seats to be on the track.  It's a rebuilt car, not brand new... but it looks fast!

Got our names on it!  Now we need a sponcer!  Money and a pit crew would be nice!

Here it is in the garage.  Notice the piece of wood holding up the hood?  It doesn't come with that, it adds weight to the car.  (Heaven forbid it.)

And the proper seats!  Except that I'm so short!  I will have to make a cushion that is a wedge shape so my butt is up higher!  What do the smaller guys do?  Well, they have more money and can get a seat just made for them.  This also means that I can never put on weight or I won't be able to fit in them.  I also will have to take yoga so I can do the climb into the car.  Don't have to go in through the window, but there are roll bars beside the seats that don't move.  It's tricky...not as bad as the General E. Lee car...
So we will be doing track weekends whenever we can!  And I'll be quilting the rest of the time.  Good mixture.  I'm a speed-quilter!   
Next time I blog, there will be quilt pictures!  My laptop has been worked on by Terry and things seem to all be back in there!  Now to find time to be on the putor again!

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