Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

OMG!  I had Terry working on my putor so I could down load pictures from my camera!!!  I found my password to get into this site again.  I'm telling you, I never thought I was so attached to the putor!
This is my dancing, blue flamingo!  Love it!  Don't need too much pink... not sure of the name for it yet, either. 

This is one that I have gotten done with.  Nice 9 Patch!  This is before I cut open a few spaces.  It's "Warp 9".  On the back is the label with this.... "Scotty!  We need more power!  Warp 9 is not good enough."  "I'm giving it all she's got!  She's coming apart at the seams!"  (that's why there are some cuts in the 9patch parts.)

Yea, it's crazy on the eyes in the picture.  But it was so fun to work on!!!

This is one that I made from start to finish.  Got to mail it out soon.  It turned out really well!!!  Love the softness of it.

And here's an older one that I made a long time ago!  Love the dragon.  If anyone is interested in buying this one, just send me a comment with your email address.  I'm going to start to sell my quilts on line. 
When I was moving the quilts, and quilts, and quilts up from the basement back into the storage room upstairs, I realized that I have soooooo many.  Time to thin the herd.  It was fun going through containers and finding them!  Like Christmas, and I love every one of them.  So I will be posting more as the time goes by.  I also want to set up a webpage just for selling them.  That's for the next year's project.  Not a resolution.  I have been wanting to do that for sometime. 
I have stopped taking quilts in from customers and plan on just having fun making my own designs!  Can't think of anything more fun than that!!!  I have plenty of fabrics to play with and lots of ideas, like blue flamingoes!  Computor problems may keep me from staying in touch, but I'm quilting and sewing most of the time!!!

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