Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Here's what I have been working on!

What color is your flamingo?  Mine is blue.  She quit eating the algee that turns them pink.  She always wanted to be the star in Swan Lake!  So there you have it!  A blue flamingo in a tutu.  I love it!

Time to make the blocks for presidents of guilds.  I'm in 3 guilds!  The 3rd one wants a fat quarter of green! 

I got this panel with the 2 in the next picture, and this one is all quilted up.  It was so cute.  I usually don't get Christmas things done until February... so I'm way ahead this year!

These aren't quilted yet.  But they are basted.  I may have time before Christmas...but thiings are getting lined up and the calendar is looking full and crazy!

These are the flowers that Terry sent to me when I was having a really, really bad day.  I'm not sure I posted the pictures.  The flowers seemed to glow.

This is a coat that I got for $5 at an estate sale!  It fit me so well!  I see a blank canvas.. It's not as dull a color as it is in the picture.  Just a lot of light coming in the window.
So I have plenty more to go.  I pieced 2 tops that are 50 x 50".  Will want to quilt those up. Also got a modern top that I want to quilt.  Along with the one in the frame and the last one in for a customer.  She's been very patient. 
Thanksgiving is a quiet holiday for us.  and the weekend will be our kind of fun!!!  Guess!
I cut my thumb on the rotary cutter yesterday.  So my typing is a bit bad.  But I can still sew!  Did get to the sale at Quick Cuts in Clinton also, on Saturday.  I believe it is going on today too.  Love the new fabrics I got.  So there are more ideas stirring in my head!  Never enough time or energy to keep up with myself!

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