Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sorry, I still have this cold.....

Here's my latest cutie pie for the sewing room.  Just makes me smile.  I have been weeding for 2 days and moved my stuff over from Mike's apartment yesterday.  I'm worn out!

I'm more than half done on this one, need to work on it today. 

Got these cute slippers for someone who loves alligators!

Terry's bathroom is looking good! 

I am always saying that if you have not used things in a long time, it's time to get rid of things!  So I went through the kitchen cabinets and cleared out 3 boxes of stuff to go!  OUT!  Never wait for the "just in case".  Takes up room and dust!
I still have this cold.  It won't let go.  Had it since the beginning of September.  So Monday, it's time to call the dr's for help with this.  Or else I quit weeding all together and get a flame thrower for weed control!  Nice to have the house looking better and almost done!  Need to go find a new bedframe!  Just haven't had time to go look.

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