Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sitting there waiting for me!

There's my snake pin cushion!  He's been waiting for a couple of weeks while I was gone.  I caught a cold before I went to my sister's and I still have it!  Yuck.  But I'm going to get better and get to quilting very soon.  My eyes are watering, and my nose is itching.  I'm trying not to go out anywhere and give it to someone else!!!

I was looking back I and I had forgotten that I had even finished this one in July!  So I'll get something else started.  Got one quilt into the open art show in Oak Ridge.  Need to go over and see if I got any awards.  I love the way they hang them up.  So I had better take my camera.
Also have one in the Asheville show the last weekend this month.  So I'll go up there on Sunday and then stay to get my quilt.  Love that show.  I could go to the one in Chatanoogga this weekend, but I just had a 2 day drive to get back here.  And I really don't need to give this cold out to people. 
The house is getting a little more done to it every day.  Terry's bathroom got the plumbing in.  I have the mirrors for my bathroom here... just no energy to open the boxes.  Rather look at the thimbles I got, and other small things.  Just fun going through antique shops....and with a small car, no furniture or big items!  Just littles.  And that's ok.

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