Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Feeling better after going to the Asheville quilt show!

First of all, I was feeling so badly 2 weekends ago, that Terry sent me flowers!

The colors are so wonderful!!!  Did cheer me up!

The Asheville quilt show is about 3 hours from Oak Ridge.  Gloria and I went up there in the morning and spent all afternoon there.  This was best of show.  My camera makes it look was a deep purple.  Not sure why it did that, but maybe it was the lighting. 

This is by Linda Cantrel!  She always did the mini little people and scenes!  What a difference! 
Circles were the big, and I mean BIG thing this time.  So many quilts had them either the main focus, or something in the background. 

This was an outstanding quilt.  I can't seem to get in all the quilting.  And most quilts are machine quilted.

Loretta's on the left... the rocks were interesting.  The show was really set up nicely.

This quilted piece didn't look great up close, but in the camera, this looks painted. 

I just love the vibrations in this one. 

An amazing quilt.  Great applique work.   

The rails were quilted and interwoven.  The leaves were one piece of fabric.  Very interesting!  At least the art category is getting well judged!

Modern quilts were well represented too.

This was a fantastic circle quilt.  I love it. 

This is "Fire Light".  Does look like a campfire burning.  Very clever.

Modern with plenty of extra quilting.

I think this was a challenge.  Love the piano keys running through it.

Blue winner in the modern quilts.

This was all done with the pointiest fabrics.

I have this pattern at home and really want to do at least one chicken!!!  They are so cute!

And there's my sheep in the kid's category.  Now the blue ribbon winner in this category was about 15" x 20".  Does that sound like a quilt that kids would use.  It had a tremendous amount of things on the back of a turtle.  Oh, well... I get to keep my Happy Sheep!

And the dragon fly quilt was so much better than this picture.
I love the Asheville show.  They really do get many, many excellent quilts in there.  Vendors are great, yes, I came home with new fabrics that I haven't seen anywhere else.  We stopped at the one DQ in Canton...what a mess!  Their ice cream machine was sending out melted ice cream in blobs and farts.  It was going all over the place.  Guess the kids who know how to take care of things are all back in school.   To me, it's now a trip to a quilt show up there without DQ!!!  Bummer.  The closest one to us is a 36 mile round trip....just for ice cream?  I'll go to the store tomorrow and get some.
So enter local contests at least.  It is fun to go there and see your own work hanging up.  Everybody that I told which quilt was mine, knew it right away!  That means a lot to me!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Been a while!

Here's my bathroom almost done.  Terry is going to build the medicine cabinet that will go in between the  mirrors.

My new shower!

The tiled floor that I designed.

Terry's shower and bathroom.

Cabinet that he built.

And the hallway and bedrooms have carpet now!
I caught that virus that is going around.  Last Monday I went to the dr's and got an antibiotic.  Still have it.  2 more days on the meds.  Lack of energy feels very strange.  Haven't been this sick in 6 or 7 years at least! 
Just want to play in the sewing room!!!
Tomorrow I will be going up to the Asheville quilt show.  I have my "Happy Sheep" in there.  I'm also picking up quilts for a couple of people.  Just going to take it easy and enjoy the day!  I will put my camera in my purse now so I don't forget it! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sorry, I still have this cold.....

Here's my latest cutie pie for the sewing room.  Just makes me smile.  I have been weeding for 2 days and moved my stuff over from Mike's apartment yesterday.  I'm worn out!

I'm more than half done on this one, need to work on it today. 

Got these cute slippers for someone who loves alligators!

Terry's bathroom is looking good! 

I am always saying that if you have not used things in a long time, it's time to get rid of things!  So I went through the kitchen cabinets and cleared out 3 boxes of stuff to go!  OUT!  Never wait for the "just in case".  Takes up room and dust!
I still have this cold.  It won't let go.  Had it since the beginning of September.  So Monday, it's time to call the dr's for help with this.  Or else I quit weeding all together and get a flame thrower for weed control!  Nice to have the house looking better and almost done!  Need to go find a new bedframe!  Just haven't had time to go look.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sitting there waiting for me!

There's my snake pin cushion!  He's been waiting for a couple of weeks while I was gone.  I caught a cold before I went to my sister's and I still have it!  Yuck.  But I'm going to get better and get to quilting very soon.  My eyes are watering, and my nose is itching.  I'm trying not to go out anywhere and give it to someone else!!!

I was looking back I and I had forgotten that I had even finished this one in July!  So I'll get something else started.  Got one quilt into the open art show in Oak Ridge.  Need to go over and see if I got any awards.  I love the way they hang them up.  So I had better take my camera.
Also have one in the Asheville show the last weekend this month.  So I'll go up there on Sunday and then stay to get my quilt.  Love that show.  I could go to the one in Chatanoogga this weekend, but I just had a 2 day drive to get back here.  And I really don't need to give this cold out to people. 
The house is getting a little more done to it every day.  Terry's bathroom got the plumbing in.  I have the mirrors for my bathroom here... just no energy to open the boxes.  Rather look at the thimbles I got, and other small things.  Just fun going through antique shops....and with a small car, no furniture or big items!  Just littles.  And that's ok.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back home...

No pictures today.  We got back from from my sister's....we all ended up with colds.  So we just hung out a lot.  Then a two day drive home...on the first day, my neighbor who was watering my plants called, the ac was not working!   Great came back to a house that was 88 degrees.  Called a friend who figured out which part was not working, ran to Home Depot, and the house is cooling off.

Some laundry done, food shopping done, and work on the remodel will get started again.  Terry and I needed the break, but not the colds!

Just keep swimming, or float on a blow up raft and go with the flow!