Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Gray in the quilt storage room.

Brown in the hallway.

Better shot of the pattern in the hallway...

Green in the "guest" bedroom.  It's called cocktail olive.  Same pattern as the quilt room.

And a light blue in the master bed room.  The flash makes it look lighter than it is.

And the counter top is in Terry's bathroom.   Terry made this cabinet! 
The glass doors were put in today.  But they are so clean, you can't take a picture of them!  They just don't show up!
We are taking a short break from all the construction.  Just need to stop thinking about all the little decisions that get out of control!  One of the guys said, "now you can move your furniture back in there."  Well, we wanted to get a new bed and 2 side tables!  Haven't even had time to go look anywhere!
Just keep swimming! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Work work work....

Where are those elves when you need them!?  I have been scrubbing the floors before carpet goes in.  Plaster, sheet rock dust, saw dust, and grime from everyone working and walking around, was ground into the floor boards.  Hours to get them cleaner.  And now I'm making curtains/drapes.  This room is ready for carpet and handles on the closet doors.  Then it's done!

This room just needs carpet!

Ok, got the other side to finish up...

And then it's ready for carpet.  Closets need the shelving.

Ah, the other curtain....

For fun yesterday, I met up with Brenda for breakfast.  Then we went around to yardsales.  Fun to look and maybe find a few things that you can use.  I get sucked in by "cute" every time.  Getting better at NOT getting every cute thing I see.  But I did find this long denim coat for $5!  It's been washed and fits me really well.  It's too straight on the sides, so there will be some reconstruction.  sleeves are alittle short, so I have to take the cuffs down or add something.  Actually, I plan on adding a lot of color to this!    Right after all the other bizzillion things get done around here! 
Don't get overwhelmed by stuff.  Make a list or several for each room on what you want to do or get done.  Now add in a couple of fun things to each list.  That is just as important as the "have to's", "must do's" and now the "want to do's".  You have to do things that are fun too or next thing you know, another year has gone by and you have nothing to show for it or remember fondly.  It doesn't have to be a bucket about a fun list!?
Plan to be surprised! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Almost done!!

My counter top is in with the 2 sinks.  The faucets are the ones you can set the temp and just touch them to turn the water on and off!  Too Cool!  Needs the back splash done, mirrows and Terry is building the medicine cabinet.

Shower is done!!! Will get new towels and before you know it, there will be soap scum on the doors!  I ran into them twice they were so clean.

Terry's bathroom has all the shower pieces in it.  The doors are on order.  Same with the counter top for his sink.

I'm working on a smaller piece.  She had mailed me a check and it disappeared in the mail.  So I waited for over a month before I asked her for a check and she didn't know what I was talking about.  The check was never cashed!  So I'm trying to get it done for her since she paid me right away after that and has been waiting.  She did beautiful hand piecing on this miniature!!!

This one is in the frame and I will get it done by October?  I have another Hawaiian one that I'm itching to get at!  It has the Hawaiian flags and the symbol in the middle.  Very impressive! 
Terry and I cleaned up 2 of the bedrooms last night and bagged up all the trash.  Boxes went to the dump this morning, and then to Home Depot for more wood for the medicine cabinets.  Never ends!  I want the rooms ready so as soon as the carpet gets to the warehouse, then I want it in!!!  I have had some of my boxes of quilt things over at my son's apartment for over a year now!  I want this stuff back and I'm sure he wants it out of the way.
I think I took 2 or 3 truck loads of stuff over there.  So that's more work to finish up this remodel. 
When they took all the sheetrock off the walls, I took pictures of everything in the walls.  No water damage or bugs!  And then when they put extra supports in the walls I took pictures of that, and where the plumbing is.  Many times the guys asked to see those pictures to find supports and make sure they weren't hitting any pipes.  So if you every have work done, then get out your cameras and print out the pictures.  Put them in sleeves and in a binder.  Saved so much time later!!!
As for the quilting during this time, I grab things when I can.  Always seems like I get into a groove and someone needs something at the store.  Sometimes I leave when the big stuff is going in.  Don't want to be here if something goes wrong!!!  I came back one time, and all these bandages were on the kitchen counter.  I found the guys and asked who had been bleeding.  Wasn't bad...but they never pick everything up.
So Terry is going to ride his bike.  Do I stay and quilt or go yard saleing?  I don't know!
There is always a "plot twist" in life!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quilts getting done faster than bathrooms....

Here's Terry's a couple of days ago.  It does have the grout in now and the walls are painted, the same color as brown paper.  He likes it....

Here's the quilt I finished.  But it was started over 2 years ago.  So I guess it's not faster than the bathrooms.....


details of the quilt.

Another corner.

Full shot.  It is up over another project.

More close ups.

Here's my bathtub.  The glass doors are gorgeous!  I love them!  Big thanks to Clinton Glass.  They will do the doors for Terry's room also.

And the toilet is in.  Getting there.

Counter top will be here Thursday!!!  Yea!  And they set in the sinks.  Then the plumbing can get hooked up.
The days keep sliding together.  Terry has to be here for several decisions that are in his rooms.  Carpet should be in after August 20th. 
OMG!  It's August.  Wow....where did the year go?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sue is done.

Here's the whole quilt.  Each block was done by a different person and that person's name is embroidered on.

You can see the quilting.

Here's another one.
So I have plenty to do this weekend!  I did pull the poison ivy out of the garden, but there are still some pretty big weeds out there.  I also want to go to the flee market in the high school parking lot and a couple of thrift stores.  It's just fun to get out and look around sometimes.  Other times you find some fun little things.  "Cute" things always get me!
I have been collecting other things to make some fun stuff that isn't a quilt.  Sounds funny, but it also sounds like fun!