Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What day is it!?

This one is ready to go into the frame.

This one is almost done.  I'm on the last Sue.  Then I have to quilt the outer border.
I actually weeded one of the gardens on Sunday and it took 3 sloppy at the end and scared a turtle out of there.  But it looks better now that my back has stopped hurting.  Looked over at another garden bed and there are vines and poison ivy!  Yuck.  That one is next.  At least the weather is cooler.  I just don't get as much time in the sewing room.  Can't work too fast when your back hurts.
I can feel a short, quick project or two coming on... table is almost clear after I mark and baste this next quilt.  I have cleared out a lot of fabric from the early 70's to give away.... If I'm not going to be taking in quilts to work on for others and won't be repairing older quilts, then it's time to get rid of that stuff.  Not that I don't like it and I do use it, but I have more than the shelves will hold...
I never thought I would get rid of any fabrics! 
Plan to be surprised!


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  2. Wow! The quilts you make are all beautiful. I want to have the first one. Haha! Anyway, hearing about the condition of your back is saddening and worrying. Though, now that it has stopped hurting, you can now breathe more easily. Hopefully it isn't chronic, though if it is, then there are many approaches for healing on the ready. Take care!

    Tyrone Bryant @ McIver Chiropractic Center