Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, July 11, 2014

My tile is pictures today.  Just been busy!  Terry's bathroom is torn out (again)!  This company that we went to has something going on that we can't figure out.  They don't want to put in a linear drain.  Doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but they have refused in so many different ways, it's unreal.  Leaving us with a torn out bathroom and nothing going on towards getting it done.  SO, Terry got me some phone numbers and  I started calling people.  Got 2 suggestions, and they both showed up.  first one stayed and is working up an estimate for us and will give it to us on Monday!  Yea!  Seems like progress now. 

It's nice when people are up front with you, even if they say they can't do something.  BUT they could have called or given us names to call for help instead of leaving us standing there in a mess.  So they aren't going to get any more business from us.  What else are we supposed to do?

Other than the never ending story of the remodel, I have still been quilting!  Working on a challenge piece that is just plain CUTE!  gets me every time.  I'm tired and my eyes are not focusing very well...

It's our 33rd anniversary today.  And we both kind of forgot!  Not a big deal.  We always celebrate some time during the year!  The fact that we have been together this long means we don't let the little things get in between US!  It's us against the world and all the craziness out there.   Just more outside of our world that is nuts.  We can do nuts all by ourselves!!! 

He's down in the workshop making noise with all his tools.  I'm up here in my sewing room with my comfy fabrics.  It's a sweet thing when we meet in the middle!  I think I will go have a glass of wine now and come up with more designs in my head.....


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