Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Look! It's almost a bathroom!!!

Things are coming together!  Tuesday the guy is coming to measure for glass doors on the shower!   

Terry did a beautiful job making the cabinets!  We are getting a piece of marble for the top.

My design for the floor!  Like the wave is lapping in.

Here's one of the lights up.  They were supposed to come with the bulbs...not there.  So another trip to the store in Knoxville to get the lights bulbs for both lights.

There's the big light on the ceiling.  The electrician got 5 blubs for that.  2 didn't work and the 3 was in the wrong box.... so he should be getting those.

Master bedroom closet with a pocket door.  This one is mine.

And this is the last room to even get started.

We did find a tile guy who can set in the linear drain.  And now we have reset the floor 3 times.  So in 8 days, he should be here to get it started.  And it will cost about 3 times as much with this independent worker.  Sometimes things just don't go the right way.

Meanwhile with all the rain we have had the last few days, the lawn didn't get mowed, and I haven't weeded much in weeks.  Maybe that's why the turtle likes living in the back garden.

I have been working a little bit this weekend on the quilt from the class I taught over 2 years ago!  Ugh.  Just seems to take a long time to get my things done.  Thank God I don't cook!

And I have made a bag, or the start of one, for the woman who's quilt is under the bag!  She doesn't know yet! 
It's been a long day and I have one of the weather starting headaches.  So it's hard to focus my eyes and my mind on things for very long.  Monday, Terry goes back to work and he's not happy.  Just was too much to do and not enough time to enjoy things.  But this won't last.  I just have to keep swimming.... "just keep swimming..."  or just keep sewing !
I don't have it bad, and sorry to gripe.  A wonderful friend of mine is going through cancer treatments and another has finished that.  I'm frustrated and inconvenced , but I'm going to live through this and we will have a beautiful home. 
So Tuesday the guy comes to measure for the glass shower doors in my bathroom.  And then the counter top guys will do the same.  Just keep sewing....
Monday night is the guild meeting in Oak Ridge and I'm going to show them ATC's!  That should be fun.  Then Wednesday  lunchtime, is the Christmas in July meeting in Norris!  I have to make an appetizer, and I can do that!  So with the help of my friends, I'll be alright!

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