Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July!

This is the Hawaiian one all done, ready to ship!  Yea!  Got it done by the 4th.

Over in Norris, TN  was the quilt show!  Love these quilts!

Sally was showing how to make her cards!  Very clever.  She makes all her own Christmas cards and other holiday cards!

Here's Sally!

Wonky Logs was there.

Love these snowman!!!

Very well done machine embroidery.

The detail in this one was really great!

My Imaginary a lot of comments.

I absolutely love this Hawaiian one!

And here are the kids lining up for the bike races!  They all decorate their bikes.  Norris is a great place for the 4th!!!

Had the dunking booth...that's the principle of the middle school!  You bet the young boys were all trying to get him in the water!

I got 2 blue ribbons!!!  One for Wonky Logs and the other for my blue and white one.  Nice surprise!  It's viewers choice, so you never know.
I had my BBQ lunch put on by the Lions Club.  Got homemade dessert made by one of the women in Norris.  Got a few books at the library sale.  Laughed a lot at the kids going down the slip and slide.  Just a great day for watching all the fun.  Sunny but not too hot!  Got home and had a glass of wine and was in bed by 9:30!  What can I say...worn out and really happy.
So I'm giving myself permission to work on what ever I want this weekend.  Just need to play and cut up fabrics that I have.  And I have a LOT.  You should do the same....permission to play has been granted!  Have a good time doing whatever you love!

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