Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Don't remember if I showed this top or not.  Tone had gotten the 6 squares in a bag with other things that she wanted.  So she brought them to the guild meeting and put them on the "free" table.  I took them and put them together for the quilts that go to the military.  Now I see the one block that has a part turned the wrong way.  When you see things through the camera, then you will notice different things.....

This block is paper pieced.  Something that I don't usually do.  It's for the block exchange in the Oak Ridge's guild next meeting.  I have a bad habit of sitting in front of the tv after I got into the sewing room and did this.  Not great, but it is done......took 2 hours to piece.

This is also done.  I love the needle turn applique.  So I do a lot of Hawaiian ones.  Lost count on how many I have done!  I hand quilted around the vines, then big stitched with floss in the kudzu and the background.  Something different to have fun with. 
Try new techniques.  If nothing else you will know what you don't like as well and get more things that you DO like!!!
I have stopped taking in work for other people.  I still have enough to last to the end of the year.  Then I will be making my own designs and just plain having fun!!!  I have more than enough fabric, patterns and ideas to last me forever!  (Do the happy dance here!)  My sewing room will be filled with threads and snips... but who cares! 
Got to go and vacuum.  The workers aren't done with the house yet.  Dust gets bad every once in a while.... I will have to take a picture of the light that is up I my bathroom!  You will see why I want to make a quilt out of the design!

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