Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shop Hop, quilts and the garage!

Sandy and Deb at Gina's shop.  This was almost 2 weeks ago, it was fun to truck around with friends!

There's Tone at Loose Threads.  We also got to Midsouth Sewing in between the 2 shops.

Sandy at Loose Threads!  It was great to see what's in each shop.  Then when you need something, you know which way to go.

I'm on the last block of the Hawaiian one.  Then it will come out of the frame and I'll quilt the 3 large borders while it's in a hoop on the table....

On  my "days off", I made 6 sun hats!  The first one took over 4 hours.  The directions were very hard to follow.  The next hat took just over an hour.  I like to figure out easier, and quicker, ways to get things done. 

Got this little patter for these little change purses.  You can also carry quilting things in them.  Not hard to make those either.

Here's what has been using up table space!  Doing the piecing of the inbetween blocks.  Just time consuming!

Almost done with the piecing of the side pieces, and the final corner ones.

And Terry has been putting down the floor tiles for the garage!  Looks great out there!!!

Funny how the garage is getting done before the bedrooms and bathrooms.....

The cars take their places on the new floor.  I will have to park over alittle bit.   Now I have a diffinite spot to be on....
Summer is already racing by!  We have another track weekend planned.  Can't wait to get out there and drive fast, FAST! 
Well, got to go finish piecing.  Then I can move the Hawaiian one over when the block is done and get the next quilt set into the frame.  Round and round I go!  I did get a couple of cute patterns at one shop!  Like I need more projects.... but I have plenty of fabrics to play with!  So I'm all for it! 
Keep sewing!  It keeps me sane.  The weeds can wait. 

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