Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

getting organized!

No pictures today.... went to the Road Atlanta track over the weekend!  We had a blast!!!  I'm getting faster out there!  Taking corners between 65 an 85 mph now!  Great instructors through Chin Motor Sports!!! 

It was so hot out there.  92 in the air, but they checked the parking lot...130.  So we sat still and went into the ac whenever we could.  At the end of Saturday, the downpour happened...dropped to 72 in less than 30 minutes.  We were done driving by that time.  We sure slept well that night!

My instructor, Al, was 72 years old!  Never too late to get into the cars and drive better.  He had been a race car driver and has been teaching in the schools for 8 years.  Felt good to be the younger person in the car!!!  With his instructions, I got much better taking the curves, and could increase my speed.  You have to adjust where you start to brake and how hard.  It's very interesting learning what the car can do and what I'm able to do.  You increase things at a slow pace and don't worry about 18 wheelers, traffic lights, etc.  The track is free of rocks and grit, and safety is the main concern out there.  The main problems with things at the track this weekend, was mechanical problems.  With the heat so high, some cars just quit running.  One person had the whole muffler system drop down!  Sparks were flying.  So you learn how to avoid things on the track. 

It is so much fun and really great learning experience, I encourage EVERYONE to get to a track and take a school with pros.  With all the craziness out on the roads everyday, this will help you avoid problems.  I'm 61...if you don't do it now, then when?  With almost all males out there, no one said anything negative to me at all.  The guys all wish their girl friends and wife would come out and get into this.  (And with so many good looking guys is fun to watch all that is going on!)

So I'm home and Terry leaves today for his job.  I will get back to the quilts and painting in the house.  Terry wants me to do the closets.... ok.  Plenty more to do on the house, but for the weekend, we didn't worry or think about it at all!!!

Try new things!  It makes you more interesting!!    And people love to be around someone who is interesting.  And you could find more fun stuff to do.  When we go see my sister, she wants to do Ziplines!!!  Ok, I'll try that!  Patty

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