Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Eye candy!

I had forgotten that I had not put up more quilts from the show in May.  So enjoy these!!!

All so different, but with so much energy in each one!

Paper pieced...something that I'm not that great at.

This one was very interesting to me.  She did strips of colors and quilted in the "flying geese".  Love that idea!

The colors aren't that good in my picture.  Sally did a great job with water!!!

Very different ideas in some quilts. 

Yea, that's mine!  I cut out the holes instead of appliqueing on circles. 

This was amazing paperpieceing!  So many, many sections.

Great designs everywhere.

This one has a bunny in the center block.  I was so cute!

Modern quilts were well done and beautiful.

Arlene started this one for the challenge, but it got too big. 

My hubby rides, so I took this picture to show him what quilting is doing!  Great thread painting.

Next 2 are very calming.

Tone does this great stuff with leaves that she collects.

Magnificent points!

Fancy and exact!

Fun, fun, fun!!!

And split Peas by Gloria!  I love this one!!!Got circles!
I made 6 hats over the weekend.  They were fun.  The first one took over 4 hours.  Terrible directions!  So I thought about it and changed a few things, and only took about 1 1/4 hour to make each of the next ones.  Picking out fabric for "sun" hats is fun.  I may still have to make a few more.  It uses the boneing to keep the brim out.  These will be presents!  Light weight, easy to ship and unbreakable!  Love that!

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