Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Don't remember if I showed this top or not.  Tone had gotten the 6 squares in a bag with other things that she wanted.  So she brought them to the guild meeting and put them on the "free" table.  I took them and put them together for the quilts that go to the military.  Now I see the one block that has a part turned the wrong way.  When you see things through the camera, then you will notice different things.....

This block is paper pieced.  Something that I don't usually do.  It's for the block exchange in the Oak Ridge's guild next meeting.  I have a bad habit of sitting in front of the tv after I got into the sewing room and did this.  Not great, but it is done......took 2 hours to piece.

This is also done.  I love the needle turn applique.  So I do a lot of Hawaiian ones.  Lost count on how many I have done!  I hand quilted around the vines, then big stitched with floss in the kudzu and the background.  Something different to have fun with. 
Try new techniques.  If nothing else you will know what you don't like as well and get more things that you DO like!!!
I have stopped taking in work for other people.  I still have enough to last to the end of the year.  Then I will be making my own designs and just plain having fun!!!  I have more than enough fabric, patterns and ideas to last me forever!  (Do the happy dance here!)  My sewing room will be filled with threads and snips... but who cares! 
Got to go and vacuum.  The workers aren't done with the house yet.  Dust gets bad every once in a while.... I will have to take a picture of the light that is up I my bathroom!  You will see why I want to make a quilt out of the design!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

getting organized!

No pictures today.... went to the Road Atlanta track over the weekend!  We had a blast!!!  I'm getting faster out there!  Taking corners between 65 an 85 mph now!  Great instructors through Chin Motor Sports!!! 

It was so hot out there.  92 in the air, but they checked the parking lot...130.  So we sat still and went into the ac whenever we could.  At the end of Saturday, the downpour happened...dropped to 72 in less than 30 minutes.  We were done driving by that time.  We sure slept well that night!

My instructor, Al, was 72 years old!  Never too late to get into the cars and drive better.  He had been a race car driver and has been teaching in the schools for 8 years.  Felt good to be the younger person in the car!!!  With his instructions, I got much better taking the curves, and could increase my speed.  You have to adjust where you start to brake and how hard.  It's very interesting learning what the car can do and what I'm able to do.  You increase things at a slow pace and don't worry about 18 wheelers, traffic lights, etc.  The track is free of rocks and grit, and safety is the main concern out there.  The main problems with things at the track this weekend, was mechanical problems.  With the heat so high, some cars just quit running.  One person had the whole muffler system drop down!  Sparks were flying.  So you learn how to avoid things on the track. 

It is so much fun and really great learning experience, I encourage EVERYONE to get to a track and take a school with pros.  With all the craziness out on the roads everyday, this will help you avoid problems.  I'm 61...if you don't do it now, then when?  With almost all males out there, no one said anything negative to me at all.  The guys all wish their girl friends and wife would come out and get into this.  (And with so many good looking guys is fun to watch all that is going on!)

So I'm home and Terry leaves today for his job.  I will get back to the quilts and painting in the house.  Terry wants me to do the closets.... ok.  Plenty more to do on the house, but for the weekend, we didn't worry or think about it at all!!!

Try new things!  It makes you more interesting!!    And people love to be around someone who is interesting.  And you could find more fun stuff to do.  When we go see my sister, she wants to do Ziplines!!!  Ok, I'll try that!  Patty

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Temporary time out to watch world cup soccer!  Love it!  Used to play that and coached little girls soccer team.  Then helped start up the adult league in Lafayette, LA.  Also played field hockey in high school.  Too hot here to play now.  It's like Louisiana right now! 

I'm getting more done, just been so busy here with the remodel and more quilts.... Back later!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shop Hop, quilts and the garage!

Sandy and Deb at Gina's shop.  This was almost 2 weeks ago, it was fun to truck around with friends!

There's Tone at Loose Threads.  We also got to Midsouth Sewing in between the 2 shops.

Sandy at Loose Threads!  It was great to see what's in each shop.  Then when you need something, you know which way to go.

I'm on the last block of the Hawaiian one.  Then it will come out of the frame and I'll quilt the 3 large borders while it's in a hoop on the table....

On  my "days off", I made 6 sun hats!  The first one took over 4 hours.  The directions were very hard to follow.  The next hat took just over an hour.  I like to figure out easier, and quicker, ways to get things done. 

Got this little patter for these little change purses.  You can also carry quilting things in them.  Not hard to make those either.

Here's what has been using up table space!  Doing the piecing of the inbetween blocks.  Just time consuming!

Almost done with the piecing of the side pieces, and the final corner ones.

And Terry has been putting down the floor tiles for the garage!  Looks great out there!!!

Funny how the garage is getting done before the bedrooms and bathrooms.....

The cars take their places on the new floor.  I will have to park over alittle bit.   Now I have a diffinite spot to be on....
Summer is already racing by!  We have another track weekend planned.  Can't wait to get out there and drive fast, FAST! 
Well, got to go finish piecing.  Then I can move the Hawaiian one over when the block is done and get the next quilt set into the frame.  Round and round I go!  I did get a couple of cute patterns at one shop!  Like I need more projects.... but I have plenty of fabrics to play with!  So I'm all for it! 
Keep sewing!  It keeps me sane.  The weeds can wait. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Eye candy!

I had forgotten that I had not put up more quilts from the show in May.  So enjoy these!!!

All so different, but with so much energy in each one!

Paper pieced...something that I'm not that great at.

This one was very interesting to me.  She did strips of colors and quilted in the "flying geese".  Love that idea!

The colors aren't that good in my picture.  Sally did a great job with water!!!

Very different ideas in some quilts. 

Yea, that's mine!  I cut out the holes instead of appliqueing on circles. 

This was amazing paperpieceing!  So many, many sections.

Great designs everywhere.

This one has a bunny in the center block.  I was so cute!

Modern quilts were well done and beautiful.

Arlene started this one for the challenge, but it got too big. 

My hubby rides, so I took this picture to show him what quilting is doing!  Great thread painting.

Next 2 are very calming.

Tone does this great stuff with leaves that she collects.

Magnificent points!

Fancy and exact!

Fun, fun, fun!!!

And split Peas by Gloria!  I love this one!!!Got circles!
I made 6 hats over the weekend.  They were fun.  The first one took over 4 hours.  Terrible directions!  So I thought about it and changed a few things, and only took about 1 1/4 hour to make each of the next ones.  Picking out fabric for "sun" hats is fun.  I may still have to make a few more.  It uses the boneing to keep the brim out.  These will be presents!  Light weight, easy to ship and unbreakable!  Love that!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last week was busy around here!

Had 4 guys here all working like crazy on the bathrooms.  This will be my tub/shower.

this is the closet next to the tub.

Doors are here waiting to be painted and put up.

A filter has been put in the main intake for the return air.

And the walk in shower for the masterbath room is getting there.

In the sewing room, I marked and basted the next quilt to get done.  Very old quilt top.

This is a piece all done with hand dyed fabrics.  The man who did the dying, only used natural things for dyes.  Then some of the Bees are going to make individual blocks to show updated techniques and ideas using the fabrics.

I'm on block 9 and 10 of the Hawaiian quilt that is in the frame.  It's such a gentle quilt to work on.  I love the Hawaiian style of quilts. 

Now these spice girls were made by my friend, Mary, who came up in April for about 5 days.  We went around to flea markets, yard sales, and antique/junk shops.  She got the glass salt and pepper shakers with the metal tops to make these.  I love them!!!  The blue one is mine and the green one goes to Tone.  they are holding little scissors!
So if you have something that you like to make, Make it and give it away!  You will make someone smile and be happy!!!  Mary does sell these.  She's 81, so there's no website...but if anyone is interested, I may be able to connect you by mail or phone!  She makes all kinds of things!
I have so many projects of my own that I want to work on.  Now I'll also have to make curtains for the 3 bedrooms and one bathroom.... Maybe something patched?