Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Some things wait for you to be worked on.....

This piece is from a class I taught 2 years ago!  And it just didn't look right to me.  So I unsewed some of it and reconstructed things

I like the green in it, which seems to bring more life into it.  A new fabric came out not too long ago with the women on it and all the sewing items.  That has been added to the 9patch blocks.

I feel it's much cuter now!  So I'll get the top sewed up completely, and find backing and binding now. 
I found that I put the backing and binding with the top.  So many times I didn't do that and I would cut up that fabric and it went in to other projects! Now I put them all together into a bag or box and don't have to hunt it down.

And the garage is ready for sheetrock!

Now the bathrooms are getting the make over from the inside out.  Places for the niches and the handle bar has bee put in!  Great!

And the wall in between the 2 bathrooms had to be rebuilt.  Warped wood is not replacement has been done!  Yea.
You just don't know what's in the walls until you take the sheet rock off..  No water damage, or bugs, but it was either built funny with cheap wood, or it has warped since 1974.  That's when this house was built.  40 years later, it's getting a do-over.  It's great.  When we did the other end of the house with better insulation and sheetrock, our year's utility bill went down by $1000!!!!  So I'm all for taking care of the house and save money in the long run.  Not only that, but the harvest gold bathroom had to go.
So I spent the sunny day with a good friend and we ate and went yard sale-ing.  I got all kinds of things.  Small things....cute always gets to me.  And on the way home, I found out that Clinton Antique day is going do I run over there?  Or stay home and quilt.....
I'm going to stay home!  Need water and fabric! 

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