Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quilts from the show!

Here's my Wonky Logs!  No award there, but I had a blast making this one!

This is my "Imaginary Garden".  The judge said the maker must be crazy!  I like that!  I got an Honorable Mention and Innovative Award!  That is sponcered by Thursday Bee!  Thanks to my Bee Buddies!!!

Here's "Kudzu Never Dies".  Got a 2nd place on that one!  It's in the challenge group.  Blank and White with a splash of color were the rules.

This is Friends, Fun and Fabrics...but I call it the "spool" quilt.  It was fun to make for another challenge.

And "Happy Sheep"!!!  Got first place in the kids category!!!  Just love this quilt. 

It started with the panel parts, cut apart, and added lots of background 9 patches.  Then there was too much "open" space, so I appliqued the sheep onto that. 

Just had fun. 
I will post more pictures in the next couple of days of other quilts.  If you are in the area of Maryville College in East TN, then you should go see this show.  The quality of the quilts is amazing this year.  The Best of show Bed quilt, took her 4 years to make.  She hand dyed all the fabrics that were used.  She is a master quilter and has 3 in the Paducah's museum's permanent collection!  Excellent quilts and many more handquilted ones than other years. 
I talked for a while with a woman from Oak Ridge who is a beginner.  She was so afraid of making a mistake, that she's stopping herself from getting quilts done.  Just remember!  It's not a mistake!!!  It's a creative decision!  And you meant to do that!  Just go with the flow and have fun.  You can always applique something over the parts that you don't like as much..... If it isn't fun, then make it fun.  Or else, why are you doing it?  I love making quilts.  At the end of the show or day, you take it home with you.  So make what you want to keep.  Cut up that pretty fabric and enjoy the process!  I will never stop quilting even if the house is over flowing with quilts! 

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