Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who's working on what?

Working on my bathroom while standing in the other bathroom...

Got this one done!!!  Yea!

I love this!  No surprise.  It's going into the new bedroom!  Makes my day!

Unfortunately, the sewing room is messier than most times.  Got so much going on.

And the 20 applique blocks are done!  Got to get to the pieced blocks that go inbetween!

The floor in the masterbath is poured!  and it's at the correct angle to let the water drain down to the shower if any spills!

Now what to do with the closet in the bathroom?  Terry will build that.  And the 2 medicine cabinets! 
So I keep at things, but I'm so tired and it's not even 8pm. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quilts from the show!

Here's my Wonky Logs!  No award there, but I had a blast making this one!

This is my "Imaginary Garden".  The judge said the maker must be crazy!  I like that!  I got an Honorable Mention and Innovative Award!  That is sponcered by Thursday Bee!  Thanks to my Bee Buddies!!!

Here's "Kudzu Never Dies".  Got a 2nd place on that one!  It's in the challenge group.  Blank and White with a splash of color were the rules.

This is Friends, Fun and Fabrics...but I call it the "spool" quilt.  It was fun to make for another challenge.

And "Happy Sheep"!!!  Got first place in the kids category!!!  Just love this quilt. 

It started with the panel parts, cut apart, and added lots of background 9 patches.  Then there was too much "open" space, so I appliqued the sheep onto that. 

Just had fun. 
I will post more pictures in the next couple of days of other quilts.  If you are in the area of Maryville College in East TN, then you should go see this show.  The quality of the quilts is amazing this year.  The Best of show Bed quilt, took her 4 years to make.  She hand dyed all the fabrics that were used.  She is a master quilter and has 3 in the Paducah's museum's permanent collection!  Excellent quilts and many more handquilted ones than other years. 
I talked for a while with a woman from Oak Ridge who is a beginner.  She was so afraid of making a mistake, that she's stopping herself from getting quilts done.  Just remember!  It's not a mistake!!!  It's a creative decision!  And you meant to do that!  Just go with the flow and have fun.  You can always applique something over the parts that you don't like as much..... If it isn't fun, then make it fun.  Or else, why are you doing it?  I love making quilts.  At the end of the show or day, you take it home with you.  So make what you want to keep.  Cut up that pretty fabric and enjoy the process!  I will never stop quilting even if the house is over flowing with quilts! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Progress at home.....

Bathrooms seem to be the last to be getting put tub will go in that spot.

And there's a shot of the plumbing and hole in the floor for the toilet....

More plumbing for the other bathroom...

Supports put in for towel racks and handles in the shower...

Bedrooms are ready to be sanded and painted! 

This one also.

And the 3rd one!

Tried paint colors.  I like them.

There's the 3 carpet samples for the bedrooms... and one of those on the board will be for the hallway

And the garage has the base coat on and the gray color is the first layer of color!

I'm on the 8th block of the Hawaiian quilt.

5 more to applique for that other quilt.

And I'm quilting the border on the blue and white one.  Yea!  Things are getting done.  Terry is mowing the lawn so the lawn treatment guys can spray tomorrow. 
We have to take a car in to the shop on Monday.  Then something every day this week.  I'm so tired today that I can barely type.  And the show is this weekend.  I'm going to help out on Friday.  You just have to keep going! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sheet rock and quilting

This is one that I have repieced to make it more fun.  Just didn't quite like the way it was.

Added the green borders and dots.

And my new closet has been sheetrocked.

And has a pocket door.  I'm happy!

This is the garage.  Getting to be much brighter than the dark paneling that was there.

This is my mother's day present from Terry!  Gardinas smell wonderful.

Here's a small quilt that I will work on.  Beautiful piecing and embroidery!

Here's the applique blocks that I'm working on for another quilt.
Ok, nervous energy can really keep you going!  Today, I'm working back on my blue and white one.  Want to get that done! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Some things wait for you to be worked on.....

This piece is from a class I taught 2 years ago!  And it just didn't look right to me.  So I unsewed some of it and reconstructed things

I like the green in it, which seems to bring more life into it.  A new fabric came out not too long ago with the women on it and all the sewing items.  That has been added to the 9patch blocks.

I feel it's much cuter now!  So I'll get the top sewed up completely, and find backing and binding now. 
I found that I put the backing and binding with the top.  So many times I didn't do that and I would cut up that fabric and it went in to other projects! Now I put them all together into a bag or box and don't have to hunt it down.

And the garage is ready for sheetrock!

Now the bathrooms are getting the make over from the inside out.  Places for the niches and the handle bar has bee put in!  Great!

And the wall in between the 2 bathrooms had to be rebuilt.  Warped wood is not replacement has been done!  Yea.
You just don't know what's in the walls until you take the sheet rock off..  No water damage, or bugs, but it was either built funny with cheap wood, or it has warped since 1974.  That's when this house was built.  40 years later, it's getting a do-over.  It's great.  When we did the other end of the house with better insulation and sheetrock, our year's utility bill went down by $1000!!!!  So I'm all for taking care of the house and save money in the long run.  Not only that, but the harvest gold bathroom had to go.
So I spent the sunny day with a good friend and we ate and went yard sale-ing.  I got all kinds of things.  Small things....cute always gets to me.  And on the way home, I found out that Clinton Antique day is going do I run over there?  Or stay home and quilt.....
I'm going to stay home!  Need water and fabric!