Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Starting work on two more....

Ok, I was given this panel by a very good friend!  So I basted it yesterday (or the day before.).  It's a wonderful panel with the true indigo blue dye.  My fingers were covered with it!  Have to keep the in mind when picking out a thread color!  I want to do sashico stitching.  Well that is spelled wrong, so I hope you know the large stitching that the Japanese do on their items. 

Here's a better shot of the middle.  Now you can tell these are royal dragons by how many toes they have.  4 toes going in one direction is for the royals only.  Then it goes down for then next lower classes.  Very interesting to find the hidden meanings in things!

Next quilt being started is Oopsie Daisy!  Very cute.  Twin size has 20 blocks with appliqued flowers.  So I'm starting on those.  Then there are many pieced blocks to fill in.  Here's the pattern and the fabrics.

There was no full size picture to follow, so I drew it out.  Really helps with the placement of the pieces.

Cut out 20 blocks.

Start with the stems.  Sewing is done by hand.

Here's one sewn on....then iron it.

A few have the petals and leaves pinned in place.  I'm going to get the stems all done first.
I love starting new things.  I have a ton of "in Progress" things.  I plan on getting them all done.  This one is for a customer.  I will do this from start to finish.  I know it will get done.  So pictures will go up as things progress. 
Terry is home.  We picked up electrical things today.  Next week, the plumbing items will be delivered.  So even if there isn't anything actually happening in the house, we have made decisions on what will be going in.  Need to get more stuff out of the house too! 
I didn't realize that this was Easter Weekend!  Lots of candy around in the stores, but when you don't have little kids around, you do loose track of all these holidays!  And with a constant weight battle going on, I don't need more candy around than what I already eat. 

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