Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outside is beautiful....inside, not so much.

The azaleas are gorgeous!

The pinks are beautiful!

Stuff that hangs over the edge is great!

Hostas are hardy!

The backyard looks so nice!!!

Japanese Maples are thriving.

....and now the garage is being cleared out.  The old, dark paneling is gone!  I think they had if leftover from the living room and just put it in the garage.  Terrible fire hazard.

Old insulation is gone.

Found the spirit of the hounds in the walls!

Painting on the parts that needed it.  You can see a hole up there that needs patching.  There are a few more around the garage that need attention.  You never know what could be there.  Which is another reason to redo this now. 
I'm glad it's being done.  I'm not so wigged out because it doesn't involve my sewing room!  I have been sewing for hours every day!  Feels great.  Half a day on the frame and the other half working on the flower blocks.  Just like sewing, you work and work and work, and then it comes together and looks great. 
UPS people know us now.  Get plenty delivered to go into the house.  I'm enjoying things.  We picked out royal blue carpeting for the master bed room!!!!  I told Terry that I'm making a blue and white quilt for us!  So the bedroom is going to match the quilt!!!!
Take time to enjoy things!!!

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