Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mary and Elvis!

Here's Mary!  She was up here from Florida and came at a great time.  The Dogwood things were going on, and the trees were blooming.

We went over to Nellie and Lee's house to see the Elvis things that they have collected!  Here's the scooter that Lee has decorated.

Mary fell in love with the cat!  But there is so much more around the house and in the guest bedroom....
Ta-Da!  The Elvis room is also the guest bedroom. 

Lots to look at there.

And their shrine to him.

Here is the Hawaiian Elvis!  I love that one! 
Lee and Nellie have so much art work in every part of the house and backyard!  We sat there and totally enjoyed all of it...well, as much as we could take in! 
Mary and I hit so many thrift stores, antique shops, craft places, flea markets, and of course, to Thursday Bee!  Creativity was overflowing for me from Tuesday through Saturday!  Mary really thinks outside of boxes of stuff!  It was a creative shot in the arm for me. 
Today I had to replant several plants in to larger pots.  I started out with 10 and separated the ones that had multiplied, and I ended up with more than 26!  That's when I busted out laughing.  I stopped counting.  So if anyone needs a house plant or 10... I have them to give away.  Very hardy little plants!
So now I'm trying to pick things up and do a few things around the house before Terry comes home.... weeding included.  Bleck.  But it needs to get done.  Another service man coming to check out the garage door opener... he'll be here between 8am and noon.  So I can't go anywhere until he shows up and it gone.
Mary and I were driving the dogwood trail through Sequoia Hills.  Now that neighborhood is not laid out in an easy to get around set of roads.  So we were following the pink lines on the roads, when we saw a BIG dump truck across the way at the stop sign... the driver was walking over.  So I said, can I help you?  His answer was, "How do I get out of here?!!!"  Poor guy was so confused on which way to go!  So I pointed to just keep going up the hill.  I really don't know the name of the roads in there.  I hope he made it out ok. 
I got to say, it was so much fun to laugh for days!  We also went to see Cirque de Soleil!  I had never been.  It was pretty cool.  And I loved the costumes!!!  I can see new designs for my quilted clothing!
So go out and play.  Go somewhere different!  And laugh! 

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